Automatic Sync Technologies, the leading provider of automated captioning for thousands of clients around the world, created the CaptionSync process. Funded in part by an SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grant, AST pioneered the most cost-efficient, high quality, automatic captioning service available today. CaptionSync delivers all time-coded captioning file formats to you in minutes… all from one, single submission.

Our Founders

founder Kevin photo

Kevin Erler, Ph.D (Electrical Engineering)
Kevin brings over 20 years of experience in speech technology research, development and delivery as well as management of large-scale commercial speech technology projects to AST.

founder Brent photo

Brent Robertson
Brent Robertson holds an MBA and a Masters in Electrical Engineering and has a broad background in technology and venture development. He is a member of the IEEE and Beta Gamma Sigma.

Our Strategic Focus

Sample Customer List

AST serves almost 2,000 clients across education institutions, government agencies, corporations and broadcasters. A small sampling of our clients includes:

California Community College System
California State University System
Cengage Learning
Cisco Systems
DeAnza College
Gallaudet University
Internal Revenue Service
North Carolina State University
The US Library of Congress

Visit out Customer Showcases to see how AST’s services are implemented by some of these organizations.

  • I think your service is really great.  It was straightforward and fast.
    Mark O.
    Director New Media & IT
    Duke University

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