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CaptionSync’s output files allow content developers to provide extensive capabilities for search and retrieval of relevant material.  Without the associated text file – a caption file or transcript – videos are presented as large binary files which don’t offer useful indexing and retrieval of content within the video or media.  Video search functionality allows all users, including the disabled and those with learning differences, to learn, review, and research topics independently. Transcripts or captions can be used as meta-data or stored in a database to provide a web user interface to allow viewers to search the media files for the topic of their interest–within a library, a system or across websites.  CaptionSync’s output timing information allow users to select the result of interest and launch a media player at the precise point in the video or audio.

Mediasite 2.1 showing captioning search

Mediasite 2.1 showing captioning search

Organizations like Microsoft, Apple, Stanford and CNET are finding that their videos are much more frequently discovered when they provide the transcript data to use within the search engines. CNET discovered that after captioning their videos, their search engine optimization increased dramatically, covering most of the captioning costs with increased advertising exposure.

Microsoft video search example

Microsoft video search example

Priced Right

CaptionSync is a web-based pay per use service so there’s no software to buy or install. Just choose which services you need (transcription and/or captioning) and pay for them online. Video search data comes with captioning at no additional charge. Request a price sheet now.

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