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The DECT Grant Program (formerly CollegeBuys)

AST has worked closely with the California Community College (CCC) system for several years as part of their commitment to serving students with disabilities. The world’s largest college system supports over 50,000 students with disabilities; captioning and transcribing media provides them with access to critical learning materials. AST provides captions and transcripts for educational and informational podcasts, various forms of video for distance learning, supplemental class materials, recorded events and faculty training.

Captioning widens the audience for these materials and aligns to accessibility regulations. Adding captions also allows content to be word-searchable and more easily indexed and cataloged.

California Community College online courseAST was again selected as one of the approved vendors for post-production transcription and captioning services for California Community Colleges for the Distance Education Captioning and Transcription grant program (DECT). Under this grant program, member colleges can use AST’s captioning and transcription services for eligible distance learning materials¬†and have the services paid for directly out of the grant funding. Information on the program can be found at:

To Get Started

Depending on whether you are participating in the DECT grant program, or if you wish to take advantage of our regular educational pricing program, there are a number of possible paths to follow. Choose from the following options to get started on setting up your CaptionSync account:

Our Services

CaptionSync is an automated service that enables you to submit your media through a web-based interface and receive caption files very quickly — within minutes if you are able to provide a transcript file, or within three business days if you need us to generate the transcript. We offer 60+ output formats that support most broadcast and web media formats, including popular types like Flash, YouTube, iTunes, and others.

CaptionSync can be used to generate a transcript of your media, or it can generate fully synchronized caption files for you. In addition, AST offers a number of captioning-related supplementary services:

  • Result Review: when you need human review of the final output because you are unsure of the formatting of your transcript or because your audio is particularly noisy and does not work well with our automation.
  • Digital NLE Captions: when you are using an NLE system to write your content onto tape media.
  • DVD/MP4 Transfer: when you have VHS or DVD media and you would like us to convert, caption, and author it for you.

If you are generating content with a lecture capture systems from Kaltura, Tegrity, Ensemble Video, Desire2Learn, Echo360, Mediasite, Panopto, or Edustream, you can take advantage of the the CaptionSync integration that these systems offer to fully automate the captioning workflow.

Cost Effective

Our automated captioning service is very cost effective, and our educational pricing even more so.  For eligible distance education material, CCC users can apply to the DECT grant program and have your project invoiced directly to the grant. Or you can purchase through our volume purchase program outside of the CollegeBuys program. AST offers bulk purchasing discounts for purchases in excess of 20 hours.

Get Pricing button

If you have questions about CollegeBuys or the DECT grant, please contact our experts directly at 877-AST-SYNC ext. 777 or email

  • photo of Glen Kuck
    For the past three years, despite having explored other captioning providers, we have always returned to AST.  The quality of their work, turnaround times, overall responsiveness, and entrepreneurial spirit have made them the ideal partner for our major projects.
    Glen K.
    Executive Director, EduStream
    San Bernadino Community College

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