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Accessible media is crucial for students with disabilities, but it can also provide tremendous benefits for all students. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of UW’s Technology Accessibility Program and others, AST has entered into a contract to provide captioning services for the entire University of Wisconsin system. This contract provides special pricing to UW users and is intended to make it easier and more cost-effective for media producers within the UW system to make their media accessible.

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Making media accessible is an obligation of all media producers, but it can be a challenge. AST’s CaptionSync service stands out for its simplicity and speed. Using a web-based interface, users can quickly and easily submit their media and have captions in a variety of file formats returned via email. If you have a transcript already, we can create the caption files for you in a matter of minutes. If not, we will create the transcript for you using our trained stenographers (no error-ridden automated speech recognition transcripts!).

UW Pricing

Our automated captioning service is very cost effective, and our University of Wisconsin System pricing even more so. Our regular educational pricing can be found on our Education page; to get the UW system-wide pricing, please contact us.

Getting Started

If do not yet have a CaptionSync login, visit our Getting Started page to set up your login ID. If you already have a CaptionSync login ID, proceed to the login page to access your account and submit your media. If you need guidance on how to use CaptionSync, start with our tutorial videos that will walk you through the process.

AST Advantages

AST’s CaptionSync offering was initially funded by the US Department of Education to create a better captioning alternative for schools. We took that mission to heart, and we believe CaptionSync offers the best blend of automation and trained professional captioning available. CaptionSync is also one of the most cost-effective solutions available — yes, it is possible to further reduce the cost by using speech recognition technology, but the resulting loss in quality makes that approach an unwise choice. Here are some of the reasons why we think CaptionSync is your best choice:

  • Simplicity: Using CaptionSync requires no special software or skills — just submit your media via our website and wait for the results.
  • Integration: CaptionSync is already integrated with a number of lecture capture systems. If you wish to integrate CaptionSync into your own automated workflow, we offer a simple interface that makes this a breeze.
  • Output types: CaptionSync produces over 50 different output types to support a broad range of players and media types. If you don’t see what you need, just give us a call.
  • Redo: CaptionSync offers a redo feature that allows you to make changes to your transcript, changes to the captioning options, or to select alternate output types — all for no cost.
  • Quality: CaptionSync uses trained professional transcribers to generate our transcripts — not speech recognition! To learn about the perils of using speech recognition, see our
  • Service: Our success is dependent on your success — so we do everything we can to ensure your success.
  • Expertise: AST has been working in the captioning industry since 2003 and we began working with UW users shortly afterwards (in 2004). Our dedicated efforts in captioning technologies and our long history with UW users gives us an edge. Our expertise is reflected in our product and much of it is shared in our tutorials.
  • Environmentally Sound: AST prides itself on being sustainable and environmentally conscious. Our electronic job submission system means that no physical shipping of media is needed. Our results are all returned electronically as well. Our invoicing system is all electronic. And, while you are welcome to pay us by mailing checks, AST also accepts Electronic Funds Transfers and online credit card payments.

Other Resources

More questions? Use these pointers to help get answers:

  • If you need additional information, pricing, or help getting started, please contact us.
  • Visit our archive of tutorials on how to use CaptionSync, and on captioning topics in general.
  • To see what types of media you can submit to us, visit our list of acceptable media formats for submission.
  • If you need to submit physical media (DVDs or VHS tapes), contact us for more information.
  • To see a list of caption file types you can get back from us, visit our list of output types.
  • If you have a technical support issue, please complete a support request.

Not in the UW System?

If you are not with the UW System and are interested in making your own system-wide arrangements with AST, please contact us to discuss.

  • Our campus is committed to supporting students with disabilities, and making media accessible.   In the College of Engineering we have captured lectures and sent them to Automatic Sync for captioning. We find that many students like to have the captions displayed when they are available.
    Dusty S.
    Digital Media Manager
    University of Wisconsin Engineering Media Services

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