NIST Video with Captions

NIST captioned video presentation.
Summary: National Institute on Standards and Technology YouTube video.
Detail: The National Institute of Standards and Technology, a Federal research organization which is part of the Commerce Department promotes scientific information through captioned videos. YouTube is a vehicle that allows NIST to communicate with students, researchers and businesses. Because they are a government agency, they are required to make their content Section 508 accessible.

External Link: NIST YouTube captioned video

Services: Transcription, Captions & Subtitles, Result Review

UK Accessibility Workshop With JISC

workshop video with notes and captions
Summary: This workshop was presented by the UK organization JISC on accessibility polices and best practices. It was captioned by CaptionSync.
Detail: JISC Legal is a publicly-funded organization which assists UK colleges and universities with ICT-related legal issues. As part of this, it gives guidance on meeting legal accessibility duties which come from the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995. JISC Legal recorded video guidance in this area, with the participation of a number of experts.  In order to set an example of accessibility good practice and to use the video in different contexts, JISC Legal commissioned the captioning of this recording.  The finished video meets the needs of deaf and hearing-impaired users, but also assists those who work in an environment where reading the text is easier than listening, and provides everyone access to the clarity of text where complex legal duties are being discussed.

External Link: JISC Accessibility Webcast with Captions

Services: Transcription, Captions & Subtitles

Benefits to Your Department from Captioning

  • Fully Compliant … with Federal ADA and Section 508 regulations.
  • Higher Quality Media Products … Instructional videos, training presentations, webcasts, and internal messaging events.
  • Increased Inclusion of Diverse Audiences … Make your content accessible to everyone with English as a second language through compliant AND discoverable content by Search Engines.
  • Improved Sensitivity to Customer Needs … Creating captions is the first step to providing translation through subtitles. Improved navigation and increased inclusion.
  • Increased Crowd-gathering through Discoverable Media … Captions make media indexable and searchable.

Departments Who Benefit

  • Departmental Training
  • Employee and Citizen Relations
  • Internal and External Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Media Production and Broadcasting

Purchasing is Simple

Initial funding for CaptionSync came from the US Department of Education’s SBIR program, so our history of working with government buyers dates back to our very beginning. Since then, we have provided services to hundreds of government clients … from the Library of Congress to state and
county offices. Our experience with government clients makes the process easy for you.
GSA Contract GS-35F-0220X

  • We accept government purchase orders.
  • We accept government P-cards for payment, as well as ETF and checks.
  • We maintain an active and up-to-date enrollment in CCR and ORCA.
  • We are a GSA Schedule 70 vendor.

What Are You Planning?

Are you looking to add captions or subtitles to your DVD?  CaptionSync can provide just about everything you need.

We'll get the material transcribed, and generate line-21 closed captions and subtitles for Apple's DVD Studio Pro, Sonic's DVDit Pro, Adobe's Encore, Avid DVD by Sonic, MediaChance's DVD Lab Pro, and others.  Plus we have how-to videos to show you how to author them.  If you are an educational institution or government entity we also offer our DVD Transfer service were you just send in the DVDs and we take care of everything.
Do you need to deliver SD or HD captions to the head end?  CaptionSync can help.

We can take care of the transcription, caption file generation, and review.  We deliver industry standard SCC files for file-based MPEG ingestion, Omneon servers, or print-tape DV captions via Final Cut Pro 7.  We also offer Digital NLE Captions for print-tape captions for D1 directly from your Avid, Final Cut Pro, or Premiere.
If you are looking to get the job done for just one lecture or an entire semester of lectures CaptionSync is well positioned to help you out.

We deliver formats for Echo360, Mediasite, KalturaPanopto, Desire2Learn, Ensemble Video, Tegrity, Brightcove, EduStreamElluminate, among others.  We take care of the transcription and generation of caption files.  We have direct integrations built into these products, resulting in an automated workflow that once set up, takes care of everything for you.
Do you need quality YouTube captions that won't get you into trouble the way speech recognition can?  CaptionSync will take care of the transcription using our professional stenographers, and the generation of caption files for YouTube.  We can handle the job whether it's just a couple of videos or your entire YouTube channel.
Do you need captions for Flash, JW FLV Player, Flowplayer, QuickTime, Windows Media, and/or Real?  CaptionSync can deliver any (or all them at no additional charge).

We take care of the transcription and the generation of caption files.  We can handle anything from a single 3 minute clip to an automated workflow that once set up, takes care of hundreds of clips per day.
Do you want to be able to jump to the precise point in the video you're looking to find?

CaptionSync delivers the data to make that happen. When your get your web media transcribed and captioned, you not only make it accessible, but you also get search data at no addition charge.  Various platforms and players use our data to empower video search.
Services You Should Consider
Captions & Subtitles
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Video Search Example
Video Search in Action
Looking for a verbatim text transcript of the audio from a meeting, focus group, or the like?

English or Spanish, we can help you out with our standard three business day or one business day rush transcription.  The transcript will be emailed right back to you and we can handle anything from a single 3 minute piece to a large batch of focus groups.

Transcription only jobs do not contain timed caption or subtitle information in the text.
Services You Should Consider
Need Spanish content transcribed and/or captioned?  Or English captions translated into Spanish?

CaptionSync can help you out in either case.  We offer Spanish transcription by professional stenographers (as well as English) or you can provide your own Spanish transcript for Spanish captions and subtitles.

Leveraging the timing from your original language captioning submission, our Translation Captions use either your own provided translation text or use our professional translators to deliver Spanish translated caption and subtitle files in all the same formats you originally received.

What AST CaptionSync Provides

  • Low Cost Solution
  • Dependable Quality from Human Transcription
  • Training Resources for Your Staff
  • Cutting-Edge Automation for Rapid Results
  • Ease of Use
  • Experience with Large and Small Organizations
  • VPAT

Some Government Clients Using CaptionSync

U.S. Army
UK Department for Business,
County of San Mateo, CA
Library of Congress
Ontario Ministry of Education
State of Nebraska


  • Web-based pay per use service.
  • No software to buy or install.
  • Choose just the services needed (you can provide your own verbatim text transcript to get captions, or you can have us do the transcription for you, or just get a transcript).
  • Pay online via credit card or Visa/MasterCard branded purchase cards.

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  • Carnegie Mellon lecture capture screen
    I just wanted to say on behalf of our organization that CaptionSync has been a huge benefit for us already.  Timecoding that used to take us four days via manual tools now takes four minutes, and the output is just as good as our old manual processes.  We're really happy with this tool.
    Jim W.
    Software Engineering Institute
    Carnegie Mellon University

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