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Business Network Captioned Show with transcript

BNET video with transcript option
Summary: BNET, a division of CBS Interactive, delivers business information videos and provides transcripts for the hearing impaired.
Detail: BNET, a division of CBS Interactive produces thousands of videos and chose to provide transcripts to enable deaf viewers to read the audio script.
Budget issues limit the number of videos that they are able to caption, so they chose to provide transcripts to follow the videos.  If they need to translate the information into a foreign language, the transcript can be used.

External Link: Business Net (BNET) Videos

Services: Transcription

CNET Captioned Video

CNET online video with captions
Summary: CNET captions video for Search Engine Optimization.
Detail:, a part of CBS Interactive, is the leading online provider of technology and consumer electronic information. Video is an important format for communicating visual information, with tens of thousands of videos being hosted to millions of viewers. To attract more viewers and improve the viewing experience, CNET uses Automatic Sync Technologies to caption their videos. In addition to using the time-coded captions for the video, transcript text is made searchable so search engines like Google can identify content within the video as part of their organic search process. According to Justin Eckhouse, Senior Product Manager, "Once we added the captions, we noticed a dramatic increase in referrals from search engines. The increase in traffic from search engine referrals helped us to justify the expense of captioning". Eckhouse says that CNET does want to support accessibility practices, even though they are not mandated to do so. "Captions benefit more than just the deaf community. Many people who watch video over the web are not in a place where they can easily hear the audio, so having captions displayed aids in their ability to watch and comprehend the content."

External Link: CNET Videos with Captions

Services: Transcription, Captions & Subtitles

Benefits of Captioning Internet Media

  • Higher Quality Media Products … Webcasts, Messaging Events, Training Videos
  • Increased Inclusion of Global Audiences and Markets … Increased accessibility to anyone with English as a second language and audio disabilities.
  • Improved Sensitivity to Customer Needs … Creating captions is the first step to providing translation through subtitles.
  • Increased Crowd-gathering through Discoverable Media … Captions make media indexable and searchable.

Who Benefits

  • Internet Training Organizations
  • Advertising, Public Relations, Communications Departments
  • Public Information Organizations
  • Human Resources
  • Internet Media Producers, Training, Sales, Presentations
  • Event/Conference Capture Companies
  • Churches

What Are You Planning?

Do you need quality YouTube captions that won't get you into trouble the way speech recognition can?  CaptionSync will take care of the transcription using our professional stenographers, and the generation of caption files for YouTube.  We can handle the job whether it's just a couple of videos or your entire YouTube channel.
Do you need captions for Flash, JW FLV Player, Flowplayer, QuickTime, Windows Media, and/or Real?  CaptionSync can deliver any (or all them at no additional charge).

We take care of the transcription and the generation of caption files.  We can handle anything from a single 3 minute clip to an automated workflow that once set up, takes care of hundreds of clips per day.
Do you want to be able to jump to the precise point in the video you're looking to find?

CaptionSync delivers the data to make that happen. When your get your web media transcribed and captioned, you not only make it accessible, but you also get search data at no addition charge.  Various platforms and players use our data to empower video search.
Services You Should Consider
Captions & Subtitles
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What AST CaptionSync Provides

  • Low Cost Solution
  • 50+ Output Formats
  • Dependable Quality from Human Transcription
  • Training Resources
  • Cutting-Edge Automation for Rapid Results
  • Ease of Use
  • Workflow Automation
  • Experience with a Small to Large Client Base
  • Caption files compatible with
  • Ooyala
    Google Video
    … and many others

Sample Output Formats

Windows Media Silverlight
JW FLV Player
and many more

Some Clients Using CaptionSync

Wired MD


  • Web-based pay per use service.
  • No software to buy or install.
  • Choose just the services needed (you can provide your own verbatim text transcript to get captions, or you can have us do the transcription for you, or just get a transcript).
  • Pay online via credit card or Visa/MasterCard branded purchase cards.

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