New Whitepaper Higher Ed Captioning Now Available

Please download and read our paper titled The Essential Higher Ed Closed Captioning Guide by AST co-founder Kevin Erler, Ph.D., co-authored with AST partner, McGraw-Hill Tegrity, Inc.

With evidence of increasing attention on accessibility from the very highest levels of university management, AST and partner company, McGraw-Hill Tegrity, authored a whitepaper detailing technical and compliance issues, as well as Higher Education adoption trends. This whitepaper was unveiled at Educause 2012 in November. The number of IT managers and CIOs who requested copies made it clear that captioning and accessibility are now a mainstream focus at universities. Their comments echoed the imperative: “This is a high priority for our organization.”

To find out how accessibility and captioning requirements can effect your IT organization, download a copy of this important whitepaper from the “Resources” section of the AST website:


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