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CaptionSync has thousands of users whose applications span television broadcast to distance learning to corporate training. Our customers use CaptionSync to make their media accessible, widen their audience, ensure compliance with legislation, and make their content text-searchable and indexable. CaptionSync has become an important component of their production process.

So many of our users are doing interesting and important work; we have invested some time to collect some more detailed information on a few of their applications to help you envision how captioning can bring a positive impact to your own media:

NASA Safety Center Captions Training Programs with MediaSite and CaptionSync

NASA image
Summary: The NASA Safety Center provides a Section 508 compliant career-oriented professional development system designed for working professionals in the safety and mission assurance fields, covering six major technical disciplines and more than 500 hours of academics in each discipline.
Detail: In September 2009 NASA rolled out the first level of its new training program.  The program initially had 30 one-hour web-based courses available on NASA’s learning management system.  Ultimately the program covered 250 competencies in six major technical disciplines, including four qualification levels, more than 500 hours of academics in each discipline, and comprehensive tests.  Over the following two years NASA developed nearly 600 hours of training courses, comprising 63 web-based courses.  Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite webcasting platform was used to record and archive classes, and Automatic Sync Technologies’ CaptionSync service was used to caption all of the videos.

“Unlike universities, our instructors aren’t typically available for questions or consultation after the course is captured, so what we try to do is provide as many online resources as we can,” explains Dr. Jim May,  program manager of the Education and Career Training Environment (EDUCATE) program at Alphaport, Inc., the company contracted to develop the program for NASA . “By leveraging  the best available technologies from multiple sources, our team developed Section 508-compliant web-based and instructor-led training content, and we did it on-time and on-cost.”

Full Case Study: Downloadable PDF Case Study

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Purdue University Starts Campus-wide Captioning Effort

Image of Purdue campus
Summary: Purdue University's Assistive Technology Center (ATC) promotes an accessible information technology infrastructure at Purdue that is usable by all students, faculty, and staff regardless of disability status.  ATC has been using CaptionSync to caption video content.
Detail: After an extensive review of captioning strategies and vendors, the ATC has been using CaptionSync to pursue its implementation of a campus-wide media accessibility initiative.  During its analysis, the ATC looked at many criteria, including cost-effectiveness, quality, and scalability.  CaptionSync consistently placed high in these evaluations and is used by the ATC for captioning a wide variety of media. 

Check out a video of Purdue University's Assistive Technology Specialist offering some comments on their experience with CaptionSync.

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Library of Congress Captions Web Videos

Library of Congress logo
Summary: The Library of Congress website features numerous webcasts.  CaptionSync provides captioning for these videos to ensure the videos are accessible to all viewers.
Detail: AST’s CaptionSync service provides closed captioning for web video appearing on the Library of Congress website.

The Library of Congress was established by the U.S. Congress in 1800, making it the oldest federal cultural institution in the U.S.  With millions of maps, books, recordings and manuscripts in its collection, it is the largest library holding in the world.

The Library of Congress website features numerous webcasts.  The Library makes its web materials available and accessible to all viewers.  As part of this effort, the Library adds captions to both archival web videos, as well as new webcasts.  Glenn Ricci, Multimedia Coordinator for the Information Technology Services Multimedia Group at The Library of Congress says, “It’s important that we make our webcasts as accessible as possible, not just to meet Section 508 requirements, but to fulfill our mission to make our resources available to everyone.”  

AST is proud to be a part of this important project.  If you would like to read more about the Library of Congress' captioning efforts, please visit

Full Case Study: Downloadable PDF Case Study

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Maverick Entertainment Stays Ahead of Captioning Requirements

Maverick Logo
Summary: Maverick Entertainment Group has acquired a broad catalog of video content for distribution via VOD, DVD, and streaming over the internet.  To ensure its catalog meets current and future closed captioning requirements, including the recent CVAA legislation, Maverick needed a dependable, fast, closed captioning solution that could provide captioning results in a wide array of formats.  Maverick's solution:  CaptionSync!
Detail: Since 1997, Florida-based Maverick Entertainment Group has acquired and distributed niche films from independent producers for home entertainment.  Maverick has grown its catalog of titles as the market has evolved, and widened its distribution beyond North America to include Western Europe and Asia.

In 2012, the company began closed captioning all versions of its content ahead of the FCC’s 2013-14 deadlines.  Maverick used AST’s CaptionSync service to caption new titles and archive material very quickly.  The service had the ability to provide entire seasons of episodic TV series in correct caption formats to fit Maverick's many needs.  While the quick turnaround was a big attraction of CaptionSync, the ability to get multiple caption formats from a single submission meant lower costs and a simpler workflow for content destined for multiple distribution formats.

"As a distributor we are a teacher and stepping stone for independent producers," says Melissa Mackenzie, a Senior Vice President with Maverick Entertainment.  "We help them get elements in the right formats to deliver on time and per requirements, including closed captioning. We work to help producers reach new distribution channels. AST helps us help producers on tight budgets and deadlines to get new audience recognition."

AST is excited to play a small part in helping get content from new independent producers out the viewing public. 

Full Case Study: Downloadable PDF Case Study

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Utah Parent Center Provides Captions and Spanish Subtitles

Utah Parent Center logo
Summary: AST and Strillogy Productions worked with the Utah Parent center to create closed captioned and Spanish subtitled DVDs and online videos for parents of children with autism.
Detail: The Utah Parent Center worked with Strillogy Productions to create DVDs in English and Spanish that were designed to tell the stories of real families dealing with autism. The DVDs contain 10 modules on situations faced by families with autistic children.

To make the DVDs accessible to a broader community, including Spanish speakers and those with hearing impairments, Strillogy decided to use AST's CaptionSync.  CaptionSync provided high-quality automated captioning at a fraction of the cost of conventional captioning, along with extremely economical subtitles in Spanish.

"Reaching families with this information and these stories of how people cope and deal with autism is our primary concern with these DVDs. It is also important that those with hearing impairments and the large Hispanic population can
take advantage of this material…. We will have contributed something positive and hopeful to the community," says Jennie Gibson, Associate Director of the Utah Parent Center.

Full Case Study: Downloadable PDF Case Study

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The California State University System Captions for Accessibility

CSU logo
Summary: Califorinia State University uses AST's CaptionSync automated solution to make video accessible to those who are hard of hearing or deaf.
Detail: CSU’s 23 campuses use a common toolset to deliver high quality transcription and accurate captioning of digital video content. Now seven years into its long-term accessible technology initiative, CSU continues to use CaptionSync to convert archive and new Web content to fully captioned digital media.

“The harmonized use of AST’s CaptionSync service streamlines the process and reduces the university’s costs— but most importantly the service delivers accessible content to benefit all students, faculty and staff,” says Mark Turner, Director, Accessible Media for the CSU Chancellor's  ATI Office.

Full Case Study: Downloadable PDF Case Study

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NBC Learn Captions Online Archive

NBC Learn Logo
Summary: NBC Learn has created an extensive online learning resource for the education community, leveraging nearly 80 years of historic news coverage, documentary materials, and current news broadcasts.  CaptionSync provides captioning for these videos to ensure participating schools are compliant with accessibility requirements and to ensure the content is accessible to all viewers.
Detail: NBC Learn K-12 and NBC Learn Higher Ed are award-winning collections of on-line video and other educational resources that provide schools with an easy and affordable way to integrate 21st century technology, while adding relevance to lessons and engaging learners of all ages and abilities.

To achieve accessibility for all viewers, and to ensure participating schools remain compliant with accessibility requirements, NBC Learn has put extensive effort into ensuring accessibility of their archive.  AST’s CaptionSync service provides closed captioning for this vast library which includes over 12,000 video clips.

Check out a video of NBC Learn's Sales Director speaking about their experience with CaptionSync.

Visit the NBC Learn portal to learn more about this exciting project.

Full Case Study: Downloadable PDF Case Study

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  • Having used CaptionSync for over two years now, we have found it to be a very flexible and cost effective tool for our productions.  As the creative media department it has been part of our remit to find the best forms for interactivity and accessibility for the wider university.  Being able to upload batches of files to CaptionSync and have them returned swiftly has enabled us to deliver video and audio content with subtitles and transcription to the wider university and the public.
    Patrick R.
    Senior Videographer
    University College London

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