AST offers a web-based service that is always available, and CaptionSync customers can create and manage an account and upload a project or check results from any Internet location regardless of timezone.

AST offers transcription services for English and Spanish language audio at the present time. Captions may be delivered in other romance languages if verbatim transcripts are provided in the language of the audio. More languages are coming as demand warrants, so if you have a need for captions in other languages please contact us.

We also offer services to translate captions and subtitles so please look at our translation offering.

To contact AST in the U.K., please contact Martin Laycock at or call: +44 0141 632 7468 or mobile +44 0795 294 7181.

  • Having used CaptionSync for over two years now, we have found it to be a very flexible and cost effective tool for our productions.  As the creative media department it has been part of our remit to find the best forms for interactivity and accessibility for the wider university.  Being able to upload batches of files to CaptionSync and have them returned swiftly has enabled us to deliver video and audio content with subtitles and transcription to the wider university and the public.
    Patrick R.
    Senior Videographer
    University College London

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