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Start with a clear recording and a transcript and CaptionSync will produce closed captions with precise timecodes ready to integrate into any media you use.

The CaptionSync Solution… Simple, Fast and Cost-Effective

  • Just log on and submit your media file to CaptionSync.
  • Receive captions in minutes if you provide a transcript.
  • No transcript? Let our human transcribers generate one for you in 3 business days or less (or if you’re in a hurry use our 1 business day Rush service).
  • The most cost-effective solution in the industry.

Input Formats We Accept

  • Upload content in many different Video & Audio Formats
  • Lecture Capture: Many systems can be configured to automatically upload content to CaptionSync
  • Bulk Uploads?  AST provides our free and easy AST-Link application for Windows or Mac

Output Formats You Receive

Learn more about closed caption styles and captioning for specific types of media to the right.


  • Web-based pay per use service.
  • No software to buy or install.
  • Choose just the services needed (you can provide your own verbatim text transcript to get captions, or you can have us do the transcription for you).
  • Pay online via credit card or Visa/MasterCard branded purchase cards.

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  • The video I just uploaded had to have been the ultimate challenge to Caption Sync. It was a 28+ minute video which included perpetual background music, lots of crowd and classroom noise, speakers with severely compromised speech, the robotic voice of a screen reader, and audio description that we didn't want included in the closed caption track. Caption Sync handled it all! Quite a product.
    Terry T.
    Technology Specialist
    University of Washington DO-IT

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