AST partners with lecture caption system provider Echo360 to deliver accurate and seamless captions that are synchronized with classroom visuals and video.

A symbiotic technology, lecture capture enables colleges and education providers to create learning on-demand with a platform that captures class lectures and converts them into podcasts, video and rich media for playback anytime, on any device. When used with CaptionSync, lecture capture systems lectures are seamlessly captioned and synchronized with classroom visuals and video.

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Benefits of Using CaptionSync with an Echo System

The CaptionSync workflow is fully integrated into your Echo system. You can configure your Echo system to caption lectures immediately after capture, or caption lectures that have been previously captured. To get started on captioning your Echo lectures, here are the steps involved:

  1. Apply for a CaptionSync Account.
  2. Configure your Echo system to work with your CaptionSync Account.
  3. Select specific lectures, or entire schedules to be captioned.

Other AST/Echo360 Benefits

  • Integrated captioning workflow for fast captioning and/or transcript delivery
  • Costs much less than a manual transcription process
  • Displays 508-compliant captions
  • Creates searchable content for finding chapters or subjects within the video

Additional Resources

Icon for a PDF file Echo360/AST Integration brochure
Icon for a PDF file Whitepaper – Making Recorded Lectures Accessible

Watch Echo360 webinar on accessibility


  • There are no extra costs for using CaptionSync through Echo360
  • Web-based pay per use service.
  • No software to buy or install.
  • Choose just the services needed (you can provide your own verbatim text transcript to get captions, or you can have us do the transcription for you, or just get a transcript).
  • Pay online via credit card or Visa/MasterCard branded purchase cards.

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  • Our clients demand Section 508 compliance because it expands access for students with disabilities, including the deaf and hard of hearing.  It has emerged as a requirement for campus-wide lecture capture much like scalability and automation.
    Mark J.
    Echo 360

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