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YouTube video with captions

Think of the reach your website video will have with the addition of subtitling. Low quality audio is made understandable, hearing impaired viewers can enjoy the entire video, and it is significantly more discoverable by search tools.

AST’s CaptionSync delivers high quality captions for video sharing applications such as YouTube and Google Video.

If you need captions for more than one type of media, you can receive multiple captions file formats at no additional charge with your submission. Additionally, our AST-Link application for Windows and Mac allows for uploading large quantities of media files at once.

See our How-To Tutorials on preparing videos for captioning for web-sharing.

CaptionSync can deliver captions and transcripts for video on both YouTube and Google Video. While there are free tools available using speech recognition engines and automated captioning, they offer poor levels of accuracy. You can learn to use tools to correct the transcription errors if you have time, but if accuracy and speed are important, using CaptionSync will give you the results you need. If you are translating your material into a foreign language, an accurate English transcript is important. If you need to caption videos where you are not the content owner, you can use CaptionSync with

Benefits of Captioning YouTube Videos with AST

  • Accessibility Compliance: When you caption with AST, you don’t have to worry about ADA accessibility compliance
  • You can submit your content to a secure website through a secure, encrypted link
  • AST offers one stop shopping. You can get your YouTube captions, iTunes vodcast captions, broadcast captions, and transcription all at one low price
  • AST uses trained stenographers with a support system to ensure accuracy. With error rates less than 1%, viewers will receive accurate information and be more satisfied. For educational content, government content, and other material where accuracy matters, this difference is critical
  • Developing precise and accurate caption timing is a complicated process, and AST has spent years refining CaptionSync to deliver a level of precision not found in low end tools
  • Integrated Result Review offering to have your results hand-checked by a person (perfect for particularly poor audio recordings or if you don’t have time to check the results yourself)

Priced Right

CaptionSync is a web-based pay per use service so there’s no software to buy or install. Just choose which services you need (transcription and/or captioning) and pay for them online. Request a price sheet now.

  • Automatic Sync's precise and timely service has enriched our online educational program not only by providing us with the ability to not only meet campus accessibility requirements, but also enriching the educational experience of our students by allowing them to "read" our assortment of multimedia.  Thousands benefit from our minimal investment.
    Dale D.
    School of Library Science
    San Jose State University

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