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AST’s CaptionSync for captioning broadcast, web, podcast, or DVD media is comprehensive and complete. We are committed to captioning quality in all media.

Captioning DVDs with CaptionSync is quite straightforward, but not all users have the time or the tools to author their own DVDs. To enable users who want to caption DVDs or videotape, but cannot author their own DVDs, AST offers our DVD/MP4 Transfer service: mail-in your uncaptioned VHS tapes or DVDs and transfer them to DVD and caption (and subtitle) them in the process. Now in addition to, or instead of DVDs, you can also choose to transfer your uncaptioned VHS tapes or DVDs to downloadable MP4 videos with subtitles embedded in them.

A Few Considerations

AST’s DVD/MP4 Transfer is a great way to get your DVDs or VHS library captioned and made available in a modern media format. However, please consider the following points before you submit content to this service:

  • You must possess copyright permission before you convert your DVDs/tapes for reformatting & captioning.
  • Placement of all captions is always at the bottom of the screen (or always at the top of the screen if you select); they are not manually adjusted to move when other information appears in the selected area.
  • CaptionSync may not be able to produce caption results for tapes with poor quality audio or audio that is heavily sweetened (music, sound effects, noise). In such cases, you will receive an uncaptioned DVD back with a transcript file (if possible), and will be charged only the applicable portion of the fees.
  • This service is for VHS tapes and video DVDs (DVDs that will play in standard DVD players); it is not for interactive DVDs that can be played on computers only.

Icon for a PDF file Download an overview of the DVD/MP4 Transfer service.

See a tutorial on how to use the DVD/MP4 Transfer service.

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  • The mail in DVD service is great, I simply send in my VHS tapes and get back beautiful captioned dvds... with AST I never get anything less than excellent!
    Nancy G.
    Disability Programs & Services
    Chaffey College

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