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Human-generated transcripts provide accuracy that is lost in speech recognition methods.

What Are Production Transcripts?

Production transcripts, or time-coded transcripts, are full transcripts of your media file with a periodic time stamp. Time stamps are typically placed at every speaker change, and periodically within a speaker’s monologue. CaptionSync allows you to select the frequency of time stamps to suit your needs.

Production transcripts are helpful for video editors to quickly locate segments of interest for editing — saving significant time in post production. Production transcripts are typically used for:

  • Video editing
  • Interviews and panel discussion recordings
  • Focus group recordings
  • Depositions

Our production transcripts are created by the same trained human transcribers we use to create our regular transcripts and our captioning files. We do not use speech recognition to create our transcripts.

Why Is Speech Recognition Inferior to Transcription?

  • Speech Recognition results are inaccurate, unreliable, and inconsistent – with error rates often exceeding 20%.
  • 80 – 90% accuracy is simply inadequate for most applications.
  • Accuracy below 97% is insufficient when comprehension is crucial.
  • It costs more to edit speech recognition scripts than it does to use a professional transcriber to start with.
  • Read more about our research on accuracy and comprehension.

How are CaptionSync Transcripts Better Than Speech Recognition?

  • We use professional stenographers and provide word-for-word reliable transcripts.
  • Parenthetic comments are provided for music and sound effects.
  • The high accuracy rate enables transcripts to be used as a study tool.


  • Web-based pay per use service.
  • No software to buy or install.
  • Choose just the services needed (CaptionSync allows you to choose regular transcripts, production transcripts, or full caption files).
  • Pay online via credit card or Visa/MasterCard branded purchase cards.

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