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We offer a variety of captioning and transcriptions services for our clients in the industries we serve. Review the stories below to see how some of our customers have used our services. Detailed descriptions of our services are available from the menu to the right.

DeAnza College iTunes U

iTunes U class with captions
Summary: DeAnza College Nursing courses on iTunes U appear with captions.
Detail: DeAnza College offers a variety of classes, many of which are uploaded to iTunes U. DeAnza's commitment to making course materials accessible resulted in their offering captioned Vodcasts. Many classes also have transcripts available for downloading to use as study tools.

External Link: DeAnza College Nursing class on iTunesU

Industry: Education

Services: Transcription, Captions & Subtitles

Carnegie Mellon University SEI Course with Captions and Transcripts

CMU lecture with slides, video, transcript
Summary: The Software Engineering Institute, a part of the Department of Defense located at Carnegie Mellon University, uses captions and transcripts as part of its online education.
Detail: James Wrubel from the Software Engineering Institute, a Department of Defense training center located at Carnegie Mellon University, worked to develop an instructional delivery that suits the needs of different learning types. The system now offers 8,000 users over 10,000 hours of instruction per month. Presented in a simple, elegant and intuitive virtual learning environment (VLE), the lessons offer users the options to view a video of the instructor and the presentation materials, and to either read along with a transcript or to read ahead by detaching the audio from the transcript (caption files are presented as a transcript).

Research shows that most people process reading faster than listening to people speak. As part of development efforts, the SEI conducted research to understand usage and skills mastery. The concept of delivering a transcript offers the following benefits:

  • The ability to perform deep keyword search throughout the content
  • The ability to download, print and annotate course materials
  • Access and control to pace learning by following the transcript or enabling students to read ahead

The SEI designed a system where students can move through the material at their own pace using the transcript as a guide to upcoming material. A transcript also allows students who may not speak the instructor's language to pause the lecture and look up words they need to clarify without missing any of the material. Because they are a government-funded program, compliance with American with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility standards is required.

External Link: CMU Software Engineering Institute Course with captions and transcripts

Industry: Education

Services: Transcription, Captions & Subtitles

KPBS San Diego Week TV Show

News Webcast with captions
Summary: KPBS broadcasts shows with captions that air over both TV and the Web.
Detail: KPBS utilizes AST's CaptionSync technology, which allows them to get the caption files for both TV and web media and launch both broadcasts simultaneously.

External Link: KPBS Show San Diego Week

Industry: Broadcast

Services: Transcription, Captions & Subtitles, Post Processing

Apple Captioned Video

Apple iPhone presentation with captions
Summary: Apple-captioned QuickTime video was used to communicate the new features of the iPhone 3G.
Detail: Apple uses QuickTime videos to communicate to developers and Apple customers. Apple is committed to supporting accessibility in its products and captions its videos. At key events like Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), videos are captioned to allow viewers to read the presentations.

External Link: Apple developer captioned videos

Industry: Corporate

Services: Transcription, Captions & Subtitles, Result Review, Copy Edit

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