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Looking for the right clip of video can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Whether you are providing educational or entertainment media or maintaining an archive, enabling your users to locate and play a relevant video clip is the key to making your content useful and usable. CaptionSync’s output files provide the foundation for extensive search, retrieval, and editing capabilities.

Video search gives organizations the power to:

  • Inject life into archived content by allowing users to instantly find the content they need
  • Facilitate distribution of content by making short content segments readily available
  • Improve website interaction by providing users with increased search capabilities
  • Create valuable ROI and analytics data about video use
  • Allow all users, including the disabled and those with learning differences, to learn, review, and research topics independently.

By working with some key partners that focus on video search solutions, AST enables users to choose from a variety of paths to implement video search within their own organization.

Implementing Video Search

Synchronized text is the key enabler underlying video search functionality, and generating that synchronized text is CaptionSync’s core competency. AST has forged partnerships with video search experts to help provide the best video search experience to suit your needs

  • ReelSurfer Main Page

    ReelSurfer Main Page

    For users seeking to create a centralized, searchable video archive, AST has partnered with ReelSurfer. ReelSurfer enables you to create a branded organization portal and automatically caption your content to make it searchable. ReelSurfer also enables you to quickly create video clips from your content for downloading and sharing. ReelSurfer is directly integrated with CaptionSync, making the workflow simple and quick. See our ReelSurfer page for more information on the benefits of using ReelSurfer with CaptionSync.
  • Mediasite showing captioning search

    Mediasite showing captioning search

    If you plan to use a Lecture Capture system to generate your content, CaptionSync is integrated with many of the leading Lecture Capture systems. All of our Lecture Capture partners have built in video search functionality that leverages the caption data provided by CaptionSync. Visit our Lecture Capture pages to see how these systems provide powerful video search functionality for you.
  • Microsoft custom video search example

    Microsoft's custom video search example

    For those that want complete control of the presentation of their content, you may opt to create your own video search interface. CaptionSync offers database-friendly output formats to make this route as easy as possible. If you want to take this path, AST is happy to offer guidance — just give us a call.

Video search data comes with captioning at no additional charge.

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