Below are answers to the some of most common questions our customers ask. If you already have a CaptionSync login, please visit the “Help” page (upper right after you log in) where you will find the CaptionSync Support Wiki. If you do not find answers to your questions please fill out a Support Ticket on our “Help” page (or make use our Contact Support form if you are unable to log in).

Getting Started with CaptionSync

Simply click the Get Started button, read the background material, and fill in the online form and you will receive login information via return email shortly after filling out the form (we have people checking your account application, so there is some delay).

To log in to CaptionSync, click the Login link in the upper right on this or any other page.

Click the Details link in the upper right-hand corner beside Balance once you have logged in. You can then choose how much captioning, transcription, rush transcription, and/or Result Review time to add. In addition, you can purchase Digital NLE Captions on a per-submission basis.

If you wish, you can supply your own transcript to CaptionSync – this will reduce the cost of the service, and you will receive your caption results in just minutes. Your transcript must be a .TXT file, and it must contain only standard US ASCII characters. See the Transcription Guidelines PDF on the “Help” page (upper right after you log in).

Yes. See the Transcription Guidelines PDF on the “Help” page (upper right after you log in) and take note of formats for speaker IDs and parentheticals. Essentially we need a plain ASCII text verbatim transcript in a .TXT file.

For Education and Government approved accounts, we can set up your account to accept a purchase order with each submission. For billing questions, please see our Billing FAQ on the “Help” page (upper right after you log in).

CaptionSync uses industry standard 2048-bit SSL encryption on the website and SSH2 for AST-Link.

Your caption results will be returned to the email address on file. If you are missing captions results, please check your spam filter to see if the files were redirected there. You may log into your account and choose the Caption/Transcribe tab, then Status of Existing Submissions to see all jobs submitted recently and download the results directly from here.

CaptionSync allows you a “redo” without additional charge and without uploading the media file again. After you make the change in your transcript, choose the Caption/Transcribe tab, then Status of Existing Submissions, find your submission, and click the Click here to Redo link to receive revised results. Our how-to tutorial on redos is here.

Once you are logged in, hover your mouse over Balance Summary in the upper right. You can get full details on the breakdown by clicking the Details link beside Balance Summary. Under the Net = column you can see how many captioning, transcription, rush transcription, and/or Result Review minutes you have left. For billing questions, please see our Billing FAQ on the “Help” page (upper right after you log in).

Simply go to the log in link in the upper right corner of the website and click the “reset password” link. If you have forgotten your ID, please fill out a Contact Support form, found under Resources on the website.

We have AST-Link for Windows and Mac which both use secure SFTP to submit batches of files. Some setup is required, but then it remains part of your account. To have your account enabled for this feature, click on “Help” (upper right after you log in), and fill out a Support Ticket.

Our AST-Link for Windows and Mac use SFTP (secure file transfer protocol). If you would like to integrate CaptionSync into your workflow, fill out a Support Ticket on the “Help” page (upper right after you log in).

Yes! Just make sure you select Spanish as the language in Advanced Settings on the submission page. Also note that we can transcribe your Spanish audio for you as well…

Yes! We currently offer translation of subtitles/captions between Spanish and English — please let us know if you have other language requirements.

CaptionSync can deliver captions and/or subtitles in the language of the audio as well as translate the captions. First you need to get captions/subtitles in the native language of the audio from our system, then click the translate link to the foreign language.

You can do what we call a ”redo” for no additional charge and without re-uploading the media file. Just log in and choose Status of Existing Submissions in left-hand nav under the Caption/Transcribe Tab, and enter details pertaining to the submission, then select the Click here to Redo link.

Extension Description
.FLV Flash video
.MOV QuickTime video or audio
.MP4 MPEG4 video or audio
.M4A iTunes audio
.M4B iTunes audiobook audio
.M4V iTunes video
.F4V Flash MPEG4 video
.ASF Window Media ASF container video
.MP3 MPEG2 layer 3 compressed audio
.RA Real Player audio
.RM Real Player video
.WAV PCM audio
.WMA Window Media Player audio
.WMV Window Media Player video

Real time captions are typed live by a person listening in real time,  either in person or using a phone line. Often a system will enable the viewing of realtime captions over the Web or with a local display. Because real time captioning requires that the stenographer type as fast as a speaker, the error rates are high and often segments are omitted due to the inability of the stenographer to keep up.

Offline captioning refers to captioning that is done after the event, usually referring to a recorded audio track. Offline captioning accuracy rates are generally much higher than real time. Offline captioning allows the transcription stenographer to look up words, check names and spelling, and to edit content before publishing. A trained stenographer may take anywhere from 5-10 hours to transcribe an hour of audio, with a goal of greater than 99% accuracy.

Closed captioning simply refers to the ability of the viewer to turn captions on or off. Open captioning refers to captions that are superimposed on the screen and cannot be turned off.

The answer is highly dependent upon which player you are using. Please see the How-To Tutorials for the various media players

  • Having used CaptionSync for over two years now, we have found it to be a very flexible and cost effective tool for our productions.  As the creative media department it has been part of our remit to find the best forms for interactivity and accessibility for the wider university.  Being able to upload batches of files to CaptionSync and have them returned swiftly has enabled us to deliver video and audio content with subtitles and transcription to the wider university and the public.
    Patrick R.
    Senior Videographer
    University College London

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