Input Formats

CaptionSync accepts a number of different media formats as input. All we really need from you is the audio track of your video, so if your video is very large you may just extract the audio program and submit that — the results you get back will work fine with your original video. Following is a list of acceptable formats for submitting media to CaptionSync:

Extension Description
.AIFF Audio Interchange File Format audio
.ASF Windows Media ASF container video
.AVI Audio Visual Interleave video
.FLV Flash video
.F4V Flash MPEG4 video
.MOV QuickTime video or audio
.MPG MPEG1 or MPEG2 video
.MP3 MPEG2 layer 3 compressed audio
.MP4 MPEG4 video or audio
.MTS MPEG transport stream with Advanced Video codec
.M2T MPEG transport stream with MPEG2 codec
.M4A iTunes audio
.M4B iTunes audiobook audio
.M4V iTunes video
.RA Real Player audio
.RM Real Player video
.WAV PCM audio
.WMA Windows Media Player audio
.WMV Windows Media Player video

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