Automatic Sync Technologies strives to provide the best possible customer support. Our commitment is to keep our costs low and to make our system easy to use. Our goal is to deliver a quality product and to make you satisfied. If you need help, we suggest that you review our online resources:

  • The FAQ page
  • The CaptionSync Support Center (available from the Help link once you login to your CaptionSync account)
  • Our collection of how-to tutorials

If you can’t find the answer you need, please contact AST at:

If you contact us by email or phone, please be sure to include your CaptionSync username. If you are referencing specific jobs, please include the AST ID so that we can properly research your query. We will answer your question as soon as possible during our hours of 9 AM to 5:30 PM CT on business days.

Support Policies

The CaptionSync system is available 24×7 through a web interface which requires a account and password. If you need to obtain an account please fill out the account request form.

CaptionSync is an automated web service; please do not include instructions in the Description field of your jobs as no person will read those. Please also be careful not to double-submit content as CaptionSync will not detect this.

CaptionSync invoicing and reporting is also automated. This allows us to minimize overhead and deliver our services very cost effectively to you. The automated system allows you to submit and check on the status of your jobs around the clock without any human intervention. If you have questions about the status of your jobs, please check in the Status section of your account before contacting our support folks.

CaptionSync produces over 50 different industry-standard caption file formats. These caption files are built to the standards specifications and/or the media player manufacture specifications. Because they are standards, these different caption files can be ingested by literally hundreds of different software packages from scores of different vendors. We regret that AST is not able to provide support or training on these software packages from different vendors. Our support staff are focused on making sure users are able to use CaptionSync properly to generate caption files and that those caption files are error free.

To obtain support and/or training for the software packages that will use the caption files please contact the vendors of those packages. However, AST realizes that the knowledge we have accumulated on these packages is of use to our users. To the extent we can, we record our knowledge in our how-to tutorial library or in the CaptionSync Support Center (available from the Help link once you login to your CaptionSync account).

Transcription Quality

AST’s CaptionSync system is an automated system that receives captioning/transcription jobs, processes them, and returns the results to clients. AST focuses a tremendous amount of attention on ensuring that high quality results are returned to you. We constantly review our stenographers’ performance, and the CaptionSync automated processing performance. While AST does not review every job that is processed by CaptionSync, we detect potential problems through four different mechanisms:

  • Random review: AST conducts ongoing random review of both transcripts and caption results to ensure they meet our quality standards.
  • CaptionSync detection: Some problems are detected by CaptionSync itself — these are flagged to AST staff for immediate attention.
  • Stenographer feedback: if our stenographers detect a particularly difficult job, they alert AST staff to ensure the final result is reviewed.
  • Client feedback: if our clients detect a problem with the result files and alert us, AST takes immediate action to address the issues found.

When a problem is detected, AST takes immediate action to rectify the problem. If the source of the issue is stenographer error, we record the issue for our performance rating of that stenographer, and then work with the stenographer to ensure the issue does not occur further. If you have a transcript with errors, please contact us and we will address your concerns.

If the source of the problem is due to CaptionSync’s automation, we will manually review the timing and make corrections. We use the data to improve CaptionSync. Because CaptionSync runs only on AST’s servers, we are able to rapidly deploy corrections and improvements to CaptionSync, and do so frequently.

  • Riverside Community College District holds an extensive collection of video media.  AST's easy-to-use system has made the task of captioning all of it much less daunting.
    Brian B.
    Alternate Media Specialist
    Riverside Community College District

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