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    Add Audio Description to your Videos with CaptionSync

    By: Margaret Alexandra
    Add Audio Description to your Videos with CaptionSync

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    Adding audio description to your videos is now possible with CaptionSync! Automatic Sync has recently unveiled this feature, enabling users to add audio descriptions to their videos, in addition to captions. Audio Description (aka video description or descriptive narration) makes the video’s visual content accessible for the blind and visually impaired, by describing relevant visual elements that are not communicated through the native audio.

    But… This will be a huge effort for my organization. Should I really spend the time and money captioning and describing our videos?

    Yes, you should! Because making your content accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing, but also the blind and visually impaired, widens your audience and their ability to engage with you and your content. People who are blind, have low vision, or those with some types of cognitive impairments can benefit from audio description to help them interpret the visual information in your content. Also, audio description is a legal mandate for video accessibility; simply adding captions is not enough to be fully compliant. So, in addition to captions, you should add an audio description track to your videos.

    OK… Is there an easy way to add Audio Description to my videos using CaptionSync?

    Yes, there is! The first step is to get a CaptionSync account, if you don’t yet have one. Then you need to request captions for your video. The audio description request can be placed immediately afterwards. Our describers will then watch the video and generate a track containing the description of the main visual elements. If your video is located in a platform that supports audio description, you just need to associate the resulting track with the media, locally. This track will then be picked up by the player and the descriptions read while viewers watch the video.

    And…What if my platform’s player does not yet support audio description? What do I do?

    There are several options. If your video is located in a number of known video platforms, or in your own system and you can state it directly via URL, you can use our amazing Smart Player feature to display the captions and the descriptions. This player can be used for free upon a successful captioning/description request, and it comes complete with keyboard-accessible playback controls, an interactive transcript, a text search feature, and much more. If you cannot place your video in one of the platforms listed above, so that you can benefit from our Smart Player, you can simply associate the description track with the media, as you would do for a caption file. The users can then employ their screen readers to listen to the descriptions.

    Wow… Your Smart Player sounds really cool and I bet my audience would love to watch captions and listen to descriptions there. Tell me more…

    Our Smart Player supports Extended Audio Description. This means the video pauses when the description is being read, so that the additional audio does not disrupt the flow of the native content and the captions. Users that do not require audio description can simply turn the feature off and enjoy the video, the captions, and all the other awesome features. Are you curious…? See it working right now, in this Smart Player sample:

    I have more questions and I want to know pricing. How can I get in touch with you?

    Just email us at and let us know more about your needs. We’re here to help you add audio description to your videos, and find the best accessibility tools.