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    Add Closed Captioning to VoiceThread with New CaptionSync Integration

    By: Aylin Dunham
    communication diversity with VoiceThread

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    AST has teamed up with VoiceThread to create a new integration that allows you to add closed captioning to VoiceThread presentations, audio and video in just a couple steps. This partnership will help VoiceThread users simplify their captioning workflow to create accessible presentations.

    What is VoiceThread?

    VoiceThread is an intuitive platform used for multi-media presentations and interactive discussions. VoiceThread slides are created using a variety of media including audio, video, text and images. Viewers can then participate and comment using the medium of their choice, including voice, video, text and drawing. VoiceThread presentations can be kept private or shared with anyone at any time, anywhere there is an Internet connection. Example public VoiceThreads.

    What Makes VoiceThread Unique?

    VoiceThread was built to expand accessibility to all types of users by offering a wide variety of ways to view, listen and participate. VoiceThread has low bandwidth requirements and is available on almost any device that connects to the internet. Individuals can contribute by text, phone, audio file, microphone and webcam. The creator of each presentation can choose to add closed captioning to VoiceThread slides and discussion comments by uploading a file or requisition captions from within the application. It is the diversity of ways to contribute that makes VoiceThread a unique video and multi-media platform.

    How the Integration Works

    With the VoiceThread-AST integration users can request captions directly from VoiceThread. This simplifies and accelerates the captioning workflow, allowing educators to be confident in the accessibility they are providing to their students. By clicking on the CC icon, captions can be added to each audio or video file on both slides and comments. There is an in-depth VoiceThread captioning tutorial available in the AST Support Center.


    More about VoiceThread’s Accessibility Features

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