AST Announces Partnership with Brightcove

By: Aylin Dunham
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82% of global internet traffic is estimated to come from streaming video alone by 2022. Given that the need for online video is growing, it’s crucial for institutions and businesses to keep up with these evolving needs, especially with the increased use of video integrations online. AST is therefore proud to announce that it joined Brightcove Marketplace, expanding its more than 10 year integration partnership with Brightcove.

Brightcove launched its Marketplace last month, providing customers with an interactive platform that allows them to discover and connect with third-party tools and integration providers like AST. The partnership is offering users a seamless video accessibility integration that connects to useful tools like speech to text captioning and transcription.

Hundreds of leading technology companies, institutions and video producers that use Brightcove will benefit from its integration with AST’s closed captioning tools. Professionals interested in using Brightcove Marketplace can start by learning about its mission and steps they can take to implement accessibility in their video content.

What is Brightcove Marketplace?

Brightcove customers can use the Marketplace to discover vendors that offer integrations and tools for Brightcove video. The Marketplace provides useful information through their provider listings including details about services and round-trip captioning integrations like those developed by AST.

These integrations help enhance the viewing experience for Brightcove video users, allowing them to provide accessible and engaging video to Deaf and hard of hearing viewers who need captions. In addition, the platform will allow users to contact AST with questions about the integration and its services directly.

Brightcove’s Video Player itself offers accessibility features that are enhanced by AST’s closed caption services, including WCAG 2 compliance, keyboard navigation features and compatibility with screen reader software. The player uses WebVTT closed captions, which enables the use of captions on Apple iOS mobile devices in full-screen mode.

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How The AST-Brightcove Captioning Integration Works

When coupled with a CaptionSync workflow integration, Brightcove closed captioning is extremely simple and cost-effective. Here’s how the AST-Brightcove integration works on a high level:

  1. First, users need to enable their account for the Brightcove Video Cloud Integration.
  2. Once enabled, users can implement the integration using a one-time set-up process. This involves copying ID numbers between the two systems to connect them.
  3. Next, users can request captioning for videos by adding a special tag to their video’s detail and the caption request will be sent directly to AST’s platform.
  4. When captioning is complete, results are pushed back to the Brightcove videos automatically, removing the need to manually upload caption files.

Watch this video for a more detailed overview of the integration process:

Use Brightcove for Captioning Needs

One of the most useful aspects of the Brightcove integration is that it accommodates requests for captioning of high volumes of content in little time. With the AST-Brightcove integration, instructors, students, teachers and video producers can help streamline captioning needs while ensuring participation for all viewers.

AST offers useful video accessibility tools like captioning, transcription and audio description to clients like the University of Pennsylvania, University of Massachusetts and Children’s Health. For more information on implementing Brightcove captioning and integrations with other video platforms, reach out.