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Extend Your Helping Hand With A Volunteer Initiative

By: Aylin Dunham
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Setting New Volunteer Goals for the Upcoming New Year

At AST, one of our top values is to help others reach their accessibility goals, and while we truly love helping others with their video accessibility workflows, we also realize that helping others in our community is an important value to cultivate within your organization. For this reason, we have begun a volunteer initiative that we hope you will consider joining us in.

Why A Volunteer Initiative?

Volunteering is a great way to make a difference in your community, and there are many benefits involved in giving back to your community, both on a small and large scale. At a personal level, volunteering or participating in an important cause can be personally fulfilling as it allows you to connect with others and build empathy while learning about the struggles of others. On a larger scale, involvement in volunteering goes beyond personal fulfillment to affect others positively in your community. Even a small act of kindness or organizing a bigger volunteering mission can spark lasting change in a given organization and impact the lives of individuals.

At AST, we believe that having a volunteer initiative will create lasting change for our organization and within our communities. As we are a web-based company, our connections span across the country and our team members come from diverse backgrounds and geographical locations. While we work remotely, we still feel it is important for those who work for us to feel like they are part of a team that is contributing to the greater good. For this reason, it is our goal to encourage all of our team members as well as our customers to volunteer on their own and on behalf of our company.

What Impact Can It Have?

The benefits of volunteering are profound. At a grassroots level, volunteering directly helps the people receiving the volunteer service, helping to increase opportunities, provide basic needs, and fulfill a great need for services in our communities. Volunteering is also very important in helping to increase access for communities or groups with limited resources. Furthermore, volunteering helps to promote the idea of giving back and of contributing meaningfully to improve the world around us. In your professional life, volunteering can also have a profound effect on your work environment, and research has shown that organizations with volunteer initiatives lead to greater productivity and a better working environment.

For these reasons, AST is committed to encouraging volunteering in our everyday business practices and when in contact with our customers. We believe that fostering a mindset of giving back will lead to greater improvements in everyday life as well as bring about improvements in the video accessibility industry. Creating a volunteer initiative can help to improve the world around you but also to bring you closer to the goals that your organization is trying to reach. When it comes to video accessibility, AST has been strongly impacted by organizations trying to improve, both by volunteering and by improving their video accessibility practices.

How AST Has Volunteered

In early November, I volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House Charity of Southern Arizona. The Ronald McDonald House is dedicated to help house families with children who need medical care and those who cannot easily access the healthcare they need where they live. In many cases, families must travel large distances in order to receive care for their children and living expenses can add up when traveling. To help struggling families, the Ronald McDonald House gives them a place to stay while they are receiving care in Southern Arizona.

We truly appreciate the work that this organization does for families in need, and for this reason, we decided to begin our volunteer initiative with them. I volunteered for the “Chef for a Day” Program with my family, in order to provide home-cooked meals for families staying at the Ronald McDonald house. Here’s a few pictures we took from the day spent cooking in the Ronald McDonald House kitchen:

Tell Us About Your Own Volunteer Initiatives

We’re so thankful that we had the opportunity to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald house! The end of the 2019 year is coming soon, and we couldn’t think of anything better than to start the year by giving back. We look forward to helping sponsor future volunteer opportunities next year!

Our volunteer initiatives help make an impact in our communities, and the mindset associated with this value extends to our services. As a video accessibility provider, AST attempts to be an all-inclusive provider, helping customers not only with their video accessibility goals but also their larger accessibility goals within their organizations. As a new year’s resolution, our team invites you to help cultivate a volunteer initiative in your organization. Reach out to us if you have any ideas.

Thanks for checking in!