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Caption Online Content with CaptionSync’s New Integrations

By: Margaret Alexandra
Caption Online Content with Video integration workflows

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Captioning online content just became easier with CaptionSync’s new integrations. Automatic Sync has unveiled eight new integrations in the last nine months! These integrations allow users to easily add closed captioning to online content located in Brightcove Video Cloud, Kaltura MediaSpace, Warpwire, YuJa, Canvas, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox platforms. They help users make their content accessible to a broader audience and simplify their captioning workflow.

But… Why caption online content?

By making your content accessible, a broader audience will be able to engage with you and your content. Whether you are an instructor, student, teacher, or video producer, captions can help you divulge and promote the content located online and ensure the deaf and hard of hearing can be active participants in the discussion and communication flow.

So… How do I add captions to my online content using CaptionSync’s Integrations?

If you don’t yet have a CaptionSync account, sign up now! CaptionSync users can quickly set up the integration for each platform by following the detailed instructions in our tutorials. Once the integration is set up, you can easily caption your content and make it accessible! You can request captions for your audio and video files directly from the platform. Once the requests complete, we will post captions automatically into the platform and associate them with the audio or video file. Want to see how it works? Check out how cool and easy this is for the Brightcove Video Cloud integration:

Wait… What about the platforms that do not support closed captioning?

Dropbox and Box do not yet support closed captioning. But we have an awesome workaround for that… With our Smart Player feature, you can display the captions using our very own interactive player, for free, complete with keyboard-accessible playback controls, ability to move the captions below the video, an interactive transcript, a text search feature, support for Audio Description results, and much more. Once the captioning results are available, you can easily generate the Smart Player and make your captioned Dropbox and Box content available to your audience.

I have more questions. How can I get in touch with you?

Just email us at and let us know more about your captioning needs. We also have multiple other integrations available, and we can generate more than 80 captioning formats. Let us know if you need new formats or new integrations. Our goal is to make captioning and video accessibility so easy that it’s almost fun. Enjoy!