CaptionSync Smart Player™

One of the most impressive new features in AST’s toolset is the CaptionSync Smart Player™. This video player with interactive transcript features moves captioning beyond its original purpose, taking advantage of the captioning data to create a more engaging viewer experience. With the CaptionSync Smart Player the audio track is synchronized with the transcript, which allows each sentence or phrase to be highlighted as it is being played. Viewers also have the ability to click on individual words in the transcript to jump to the specific point in the video, or to look up the word in a dictionary or encyclopedia. Another exciting feature allows you to easily generate closed captioning and transcripts for online videos you don’t own, including YouTube videos. You can learn exactly how to caption online videos you don’t own in our support center.  Other features, listed below, include ways to search and share the video.

  • Interactive transcripts that allow you to see the text and immediately jump to any point in the video by clicking on a word in the transcript
  • Text Search
  • Dictionary lookup
  • Wikipedia lookup
  • WCAG 2 Level AA compliance, with high contrast layout, keyboard controls, and audio description features.
  • SEO and search improvements with fully-indexed content for web crawlers
  • Trim the video and share a clip via Facebook, Twitter or direct URL
  • Embed the player on a website
  • Caption online videos you don’t own
  • Add search and other interactive features to podcasts and other audio-only files

The best way to learn the impact that the CaptionSync Smart Player can have is to see it for yourself. Watch our video below.