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Opportunities in the Growing Field of Accessibility in Education

Lately we’ve talked about how there is a rise in awareness about accessibility, especially when it comes to education. With this growth also comes new opportunities for professionals in the accessibility and compliance field at universities all over the country. It is a prime time to learn about this subject and advance you career. Here are a few current events and ways to get involved with this growth.

Learn about Accessibility in Education

Webinars on the subject of accessibility at universities are now common, so there are plenty of ways to advance your knowledge of universal design and learn about the challenges and successes other professionals have had. Take some time to educate yourself on the progress and future of accessibility in education with webinars like this one, hosted by Brightspace by D2L:

It Takes an Ecosystem – How Brightspace and our partners are making education accessible to every learner

Part One. Video Captions: One Important Tool for Creating Accessible Courses for Truly Diverse Learners

Part one of this webinar covers the benefits of Universal Design for Learning through providing closed captioning and promoting the growth of accessibility and accommodation that fosters diversity and inclusiveness. This part of the webinar is presented by Automatic Sync’s Art Morgan and he discusses the advantages our CaptionSync Smart Player has in the classroom.

Part Two. Ghost Voices: Using-Text-to-Speech Technology to Improve the Quality of Learning Online

In part two of the webinar Sheri Hutchinson of Readspeaker talks about how  play to different learning abilities by providing a way for students to listen to course reading material in a way that sounds like a lecture.

Date: Mar 15, 2016 Time 3:00pm ET Audience: All Presenter(s): Art Morgan, AutomaticSync; Sheri Hutchinson, Readspeaker

Get Certified in Accessibility

This year at the Texas Distance Learning Association conference at the end of March, they have recognized accessibility as a key technology topic in 2016 and are offering a 20 hour certification program. The program is only available to those who are attending the conference, but it shows opportunities do exist to build your resume and become an expert in the accessibility field. If you are attending this conference you’re welcome to meet with Art Morgan, who will be there representing Automatic Sync.

Learn about the Accessibility Certification on the TxDLA website.

Accessibility Field Opportunities

Another sign of growth for accessibility in education is the job opportunities that continue to pop up, and in a lot of cases they are newly created positions. Here are two newly opened positions you can share with your colleagues who are in the job market.

Captioning Accessibility Coordinator – University of Colorado

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