AST Services Overview

Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) is an accurate, affordable solution that makes audio and video more accessible with closed captions, transcripts, live captioning, audio description, translation and additional tools.

We realize that you have many choices when it comes to selecting a video accessibility service. The truth is that it takes time, planning, and a lot of work to make all your video fully accessible, and we want to be your partner as you work toward that goal. To make it easier for you to decide, we thought it would be useful to provide a quick overview of our key video accessibility services:

Captioning & Transcription

AST provides professional closed captions with precise timecodes ready for use on any video platform. We offer nearly 100 different caption output formats, including many that are only available from AST. Choose as many formats as you need at no extra charge, and receive your caption files via download, email, or delivered directly to your video platform.

Live Captioning

AST offers Real-Time Captioning Services, allowing clients to provide deaf and hard of hearing individuals access to live events and meetings. Remote CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) Services provide instantaneous translation of speech to text with less than a two second delay. Our live services include remote CART in English, Spanish, and French; captioning of graduation and sporting events; remote text-interpreting; and remote foreign language hybrid captioning.

Audio Description

AST supports Extended Audio Description, also known as video description or descriptive narration, to help make video accessible to blind and low vision individuals. Our Extended Audio Description feature allows users to request a verbal description track of relevant visual elements that appear in the video and are essential for comprehension but are not communicated through the video’s existing audio. This provides blind and visually impaired people with access to visually complex media even when there is a large amount of dialog with very few gaps, because the player pauses the video and audio track during the descriptions.

Tools & Integrations

Our system is integrated with a wide variety of video platforms. These integrations allow users to seamlessly request captions from within their video platforms, with just a couple of clicks. We also provide innovative tools such as our Smart Player, which supports both caption and audio description to improve learning efficacy and provide in-video search features and is provided to our clients without any additional charge.

  • Quality & Reliability: Professional transcribers and ready-to-use captions in multiple languages
  • Smart Player: Caption online videos in a seamless way, even those you don’t own
  • Dedicated Team: A team of experts and engineers ready to help you
  • Integrations: Integrated system with multiple online video platforms
  • Pricing: Competitive rates and discounts for bulk purchases
  • Customer Support: Over 300 articles available and 99% satisfied clients

About Automatic Sync Technologies

AST has been providing video accessibility services for over 17 years. We were initially funded by the US Department of Education and have worked with thousands of leading organizations in government, education, publishing, and other enterprises. We pride ourselves on working closely with you to design solutions that meet your unique needs. AST’s dedicated team of professional transcribers, describers, captioners and translators, along with our engineering, operations and support staff, are ready to help make your accessibility projects a success.

For more details on all our services, please check out our website: