Captioning Tools

In order to make the captioning process easier, Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) has built multiple captioning tools to help.

Online Caption Editor

The Online Caption Editor captioning tool allows you to easily edit caption files on your own. If you need to change how a name is spelled or correct a specific word, just use the simple editor and a new caption file with the corrections will be generated automatically. This tool allows you to preview the video with captions and make easy quick fixes so you don’t have to rely on anyone else to make the changes for you. Learn more about the caption editor here.

Smart Player

The Smart Player provides an interactive video watching experience, allowing you to view the transcript along with the video and easily jump to different parts. The interactive transcript also allows you to search for specific words you are looking for. You can find more information about our Smart Player here.

AST Link Bulk Uploader

Bulk Upload  
This captioning application for Windows and Mac computers makes uploading large libraries of videos fast and easy. Start by downloading the free application and read our instructions on installing AST-Link for Mac or AST-Link for Windows. Our support center can walk you through how to use AST-Link

Dropbox Integration

With our Dropbox Integration you can easily pull videos from a Dropbox folder and have them captioned. Using a unique URL from Dropbox, you can simply paste the link into CaptionSync which allows you to submit the video for captioning without having to upload it directly to CaptionSync. Our support center explains how to submit a Dropbox URL.