CaptionSync’s Kaltura MediaSpace integration

CaptionSync’s Kaltura MediaSpace Integration

Captioning Kaltura MediaSpace content is easy with CaptionSync’s Kaltura MediaSpace integration. Our integration allows you to easily add closed captioning to Kaltura videos and lecture captures. With our integration, you can simplify your captioning workflow and make the content accessible to a broader audience.

Hmm… I’m not sure I need to caption my Kaltura content?

Closed captioning is not only a legal mandate for public video content, it also gives a broader audience the opportunity to engage with your Kaltura content. Whether you are a Disability Resources manager, an instructor, a student, or a teacher, captions can help you disseminate and promote the content located in Kaltura and ensure the deaf and hard of hearing can be equally active participants in the communication flow. With CaptionSync’s Kaltura MediaSpace integration, you can quickly and easily caption Kaltura online media and make it accessible.

OK… How can I use CaptionSync’s Integration to add captions to my Kaltura content?

If you don’t yet have a CaptionSync account, sign up now! CaptionSync users can quickly set up the Kaltura MediaSpace integration. Once the integration is set up, administrators, instructors and users can request captions for the videos and lecture captures directly from the Kaltura platform. Once the requests complete, we will post captions automatically into the Kaltura system and associate them locally with the entry. Users can then display the captions by simply turning them on, on the Kaltura player:

CaptionSync’s Kaltura MediaSpace integration, Kaltura MediaSpace player

I have more questions. How can I find out more about CaptionSync’s Kaltura MediaSpace integration and get in touch with you?

Just email us at and let us know more about your Kaltura content and captioning needs. We also have multiple other integrations available, we can generate more than 80 captioning formats, and we can provide Audio Description for your content. Just let us know what you need and we’ll help you make your content accessible.


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