California State University

The Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) is a critically important initiative that targets the elimination of accessibility barriers across the university. The California State University Chancellor’s office has put in place a captioning contract with Automatic Sync Technologies to facilitate accessibility compliance and greater use of Universal Design for Learning techniques. This contract provides special CaptionSync pricing for all CSU campuses.

Using the web-based CaptionSync interface, users can quickly and easily submit their media for transcription and captioning with just a few clicks or keystrokes.  And CaptionSync is integrated with more than a dozen video platforms, including those used widely on CSU campuses, such as Mediasite, VoiceThread, ShareStream, and many others.

California State University Closed Captioning: Get Started Today

Our automated captioning service is very cost effective, and our CSU System pricing even more so. If you are from a CSU campus, you can create a CaptionSync login ID under the CSU system-wide agreement by completing the CSU Sign-up form. Note that all CSU account applications are routed to your campus for authorization before your account can be created. If you are not with the CSU System and are interested in making your own system-wide arrangements with AST, please contact us.

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