How to Create Accessible Video with CaptionSync

If you are a video producer or an instructional designer who works with video, you may have tried captioning videos yourself. There are a variety of tools out there for creating closed captions, ranging from free online tools to $5,000 software packages. However, if you have hours of video content, you’ll find it much more efficient to use CaptionSync for all your transcription, captioning, audio description and subtitle needs. AST leverages intelligent automation and professional transcribers and describers to power its CaptionSync service; a fast and simple web-based solution for closed captions, transcripts, audio description, translation and video search data, without the error rates inherent in speech recognition and crowd-sourcing solutions. We automate processes that can have the most impact on efficiency and price, without compromising quality.

This page covers the closed captioning and description process when using CaptionSync, as well as resources for learning more about how to caption and describe all of your video content.

The Process

AST’s innovative CaptionSync service makes intelligent use of automation technologies that streamline the process where it is most effective, while retaining human talent where it is needed most. The process typically consists of the following four steps:

captioning process workflow

1. Submit your media through your CaptionSync account or through one of our integrations with popular video platforms. We accept a wide variety of video and audio files.
2. CaptionSync will route your video to a professional transcriber/describer, directing it to a subject matter expert if requested. Your audio will then be transcribed verbatim, and if you have requested audio description the video will also be described by our expert team.
3. Once the complete and accurate transcript is done, CaptionSync will automatically sync it with the audio to produce a time-stamped caption file.
4. The final results will be available in your CaptionSync account and can also be delivered through email, web download or directly to your videos using our video platform integrations.

The entire process is completed within 8 hours when using our same-day service, and a range of turnaround time options are available that you can select from based on the priority of your jobs. If you already have a transcript, CaptionSync will produce caption files in just minutes; this service is referred to as Captioning Only.  We also offer a Transcription Only service for when caption files are not needed.

Transcription Quality

Accuracy is a primary concern for educational content, and CaptionSync addresses this need by utilizing trained transcribers recruited from the most demanding environments. We are not offering a speech recognition solution; we use trained professional transcribers to avoid the pitfalls and high error rates associated with speech recognition solutions. Systems utilizing speech recognition, even with human editors, simply do not consistently achieve the 99%+ accuracy rates that we provide.

When recruiting transcribers we look for accredited transcription training and actual experience, and when vetting applicants we conduct our own quality and performance testing before hiring. Subsequent to hiring, AST constantly monitors both quality and timeliness, and takes immediate corrective action if transcriber performance falls below our standards.

Some of the other practices we use to ensure that you receive the highest possible quality captions include:

  • Users with specialized content can identify that to us before submitting, and we will restrict their account to use only transcribers with the appropriate qualifications. For example, you can request that your medical content be transcribed by our team of medical transcribers.
  • Notes can be provided to transcribers when content is submitted, or you can provide a glossary of special terms that is sent to every transcriber that captions content for your organization. These notes can include spellings of names, proper nouns, technical terms, and other guidance regarding your desired transcription conventions.


Results for our standard CaptionSync service are returned within two business days. Four day, one day and 8 hour turnaround time options are also available for transcription services. Audio description services are typically completed in four business days. If you already have a transcript for your media, captions are returned in less than 10 minutes.


So that’s the basic process, but as you start captioning you’ll undoubtedly run into questions. The Captionsync Support Center is the best place to start, with hundreds of articles and video tutorials, along with a friendly support team waiting to answer your questions. Our useful links page, the CaptionSync Blog, Captioning Compliance page and our research page also have links to resources that are helpful to anyone creating closed captions, audio descriptions, and subtitles.