Service List

Below is a comprehensive list of all the captioning services provided by AST’s platform.  Many of these features are not enabled by default, but can be turned on on the settings page when logged into AST. A few need to be configured by our support team.  If you have questions about any of the services listed here, or need pricing, contact us.

Our captioning services produce closed caption or subtitle files with precise time codes, in nearly 100 different formats.
Our real-time captioning and remote text-interpreting services come with the same top-notch quality and support that have made us the leading provider of post-production closed captioning for educators and educational publishers for over 12 years.
Automatic Sync Technologies now offers audio description services, which help make video accessible to blind and low vision individuals. Audio Description or Extended Audio Description are essential when making your video WCAG 2 Level AA-compliant.
Professional transcription in English, Spanish, or French, without the error rates found in speech recognition and crowd-sourcing solutions. Three business day, one business day, and same day turnaround available.
Professional Spanish/English caption translation is available today, with other languages coming soon. You can also provide your own translation for other romance languages such as French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Portuguese.
Encoded MP4 files with the closed captioning appearing in the subtitle field, ready for use with any player or device that supports MP4 videos and subtitles. Open captions, which are always displayed as part of the video image, are also available.
Production transcripts, or time-coded transcripts, are full transcripts of your media file with a periodic time stamp. Time stamps are typically placed at every speaker change, and periodically within a speaker’s monologue. CaptionSync allows you to select the frequency of time stamps to suit your needs.
For video with moderate music, sound effects, or background noise use our Result Review service to have your results go through an additional review step. Our reviewers will make necessary changes to your transcript to ensure the caption timing comes out right.
An additional level of review for feature films, television dramas, or other dramatic narrative content destined for television, DVD, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, Netflix, or other video on demand (VOD) services.
If you are unable to submit your content electronically to our system, our DVD/MP4 Transfer service allows you to mail in VHS tapes or video DVDs and have them returned as captioned DVD media and/or electronic MP4 file. We can also accept content electronically to create captioned DVDs.