Cinema Certified™ Result Review

Woman camera operator behind video camera If you have feature films, television dramas, or other dramatic narrative content destined for television, DVD, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, Netflix, or other video on demand (VOD) services, then extra attention is needed to ensure conformance with their requirements; AST’s Cinema Certified™ Result Review is the appropriate service for your post-production closed captioning needs.

Feature films and dramatic content typically contain music, sound effects, and other “sweetening” in the audio tracks, and this type of content requires extra review to fine-tune the caption timing and format, ensuring that your closed captions conform to the standards required by VOD distributors.

To purchase Cinema Certified services, check the appropriate box on the sign up form indicating that you have content that will be distributed on VOD services. AST will configure your account to use the Cinema Certified level of review services whenever you submit content for Result Review. When submitting content for captioning, you will need to submit both a low bit-rate proxy version of your video and a searchable version of your screenplay or continuity script. It is OK if there are some differences between the script and the film that you submit for our captioning; our expert transcribers will transcribe the entire video verbatim, using the screenplay or script as a reference.

Next, as with our standard Result Review service, AST will intercept and review your caption results. AST’s editors will fine-tune and adjust the results for you and accomplish an accurate caption set for your material. Our review is not automated – it is conducted by a trained reviewer. When the review is complete you will receive back closed caption files in the output formats required by the major VOD distributors, ready for delivery to your distributor, aggregator, or post-production house for final encoding and conformance. Our review accomplishes:

  • Accurate caption timing, meeting the exacting standard of VOD distributors
  • Custom speaker ID formatting
  • Notation and description of sound effects, music, and all background sounds

This entire process typically takes less than a week from start to finish, providing you with “curtain ready” closed captions for your film or show at a fraction of the cost of traditional closed captioning service providers.

For technical details on how to submit content for our Cinema Certified Result Review service, please see this article in our Support Center.