Digital NLE Captions

Encoding traditional D1 (720×486) tapestock such as Beta SP, digi-Beta, or DVCPro used to be a process that required expensive hardware or software. AST’s Digital NLE Captions allow you to submit your media electronically, post-process the caption files and receive a black line-21 .MOV caption file which you integrate into your NLE software such as Avid, Final Cut Pro or Premiere and print-to-tape.

  • Speed: If you provide the verbatim text transcript with your video, you’ll have your NLE caption files in minutes.
  • Cost: CaptionSync and AST’s Digital NLE Captions are a fraction of the cost of conventional captioning. Simply pay for your transcript (if needed) and captions, and add the Digital NLE file option.
  • No “Gen” Loss: By importing the Digital NLE Captions file into your non-linear editor and merging it with your existing video, you can lay the first generation to tape complete with line-21 captions.