DVD/MP4 Transfer

You already know AST’s CaptionSync automated web-based captioning service is significantly faster, simpler and less expensive than other captioning options. Now, you can take advantage of the same cost savings AST offers even if you are not able to encode your own videotape or author your own DVDs. AST is pleased to offer a service where you simply send in your uncaptioned DVDs or VHS tapes (also miniDV or Hi8) and receive captioned and subtitled DVDs and/or subtitled MP4 video.

If you select captioned and subtitled DVDs, the returned DVD will be labeled and in its own case. It will have a simple menu allowing you to turn the subtitles on or off. It will also have Line-21 caption data encoded on the disc. Your original tape(s) or DVD(s) will be returned along with the new DVD(s).

If you select subtitled MP4 video, the downloadable MP4 will have subtitles encoded into the video, which can be displayed on a wide variety of players, including iPads and iPhones. As no authoring or shipping is required for the MP4s, they are available significantly faster than the DVDs.

This allows you not only to address captioning your archive of VHS tapes, but also get your tapes converted to modern media.

A Few Considerations

AST’s DVD/MP4 Transfer is a great way to get your DVDs or VHS library captioned and made available in a modern media format. However, please consider the following points before you submit content to this service:

  • You must have copyright permission before you convert your DVDs/tapes for reformatting and captioning.
  • Placement of all captions is always at the bottom of the screen (or always at the top of the screen if you select); they are not manually adjusted to move when other information appears in the selected area.
  • CaptionSync may not be able to produce caption results for tapes with poor quality audio or audio that is heavily sweetened (music, sound effects, noise). In such cases, you will receive an uncaptioned DVD back with a transcript file (if possible), and will be charged only the applicable portion of the fees.
  • This service is for VHS tapes and video DVDs (DVDs that will play in standard DVD players); it is not for interactive DVDs that can be played on computers only.