CaptionSync Smart Player – Overview

Image of a person sitting at their desk space with a laptop.

The CaptionSync Smart Player™ is an innovative and efficient way to deliver captioned and described video to end users. For over four years the Smart Player has received rave reviews from educators, thanks to its interactive features that leverage transcript and caption data to create a more engaging experience for learners. Learners can select individual words in the transcript to jump to the specific point in the video or look up words in a dictionary or encyclopedia. The CaptionSync Smart Player incorporates Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles by providing both additional representations of the video content and additional ways to engage with
the content.


Screenshot of the CaptionSync Smart player with the interactive transcript feature enabled.

  •  Interactive transcripts that allow you to see the text and immediately jump to any point in the video by clicking on a word in the transcript
  • Text search
  • Dictionary lookup
  • Wikipedia lookup
  • WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliance with high contrast layout, keyboard controls, and audio
    description features
  • SEO and search improvements with fully-indexed content for web crawlers
  • Trim the video and share a clip via Facebook, Twitter or direct URL
  • Embed the player on a website or in your LMS
  • Caption online videos you don’t own
  • Add search and other interactive features to podcasts and other audio-only files

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