Real-Time Captioning

Automatic Sync Technologies now offers real-time captioning and remote text-interpreting services with the same top-notch quality and support that have made us the leading provider of post-production closed captioning for educators and educational publishers for over 12 years.

Remote CART – English & Spanish

Remote CART (Communication Access Real-time Translation) Services provide instantaneous translation of speech to text with less than a two second delay.  A CART writer can listen remotely and transcribe an instructor’s lecture verbatim, allowing students to read the text in real time on a computer in the classroom.

Real-time captioning feedGraduation & Sports Events

A captioning professional can be provided for large events, like graduation and sporting events, to transcribe all audio. Captions are then displayed on a video screen so the audience can follow along live.

Remote Text-Interpreting

Remote Text-Interpreting is an electronic note-taking system, specifically designed for educational settings, that provides meaning-for-meaning transcription of spoken English.  TypeWell and C-Print® services fall under this category. Here is a comparison of typical CART output versus text interpreting output.

Flexible, Simple Tools and Friendly Support

These services can be used with a wide variety of video streaming platforms that allow for a real-time captioning feed window, such as Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate, and Adobe Connect. They can even be used with social media streaming platforms that do not yet have integrated captioning, such as Facebook Live and Twitter Periscope. Let us show you how easy it is!

For pricing and further details, or to set up your CaptionSync account for any of the services above, contact us by phone at 877-278-7962, or by email at