Result Review

AST’s automated web-based captioning service offers a “self-service” captioning option that is significantly faster, easier, and less expensive than alternative captioning options. For narrative content with minimal “sweetening” (music, noise, etc), CaptionSync will produce excellent results with no intervention. AST’s usefulness can also be extended to moderately sweetened or noisy content by taking advantage of the transcript markup features that allow you to help AST ignore music or other non-narrative content. The Redo feature allows you to correct any errors you find and fine tune the results without additional cost. Together, these features allow you to caption most content with the AST system.

If you wish to submit content to AST but you believe the content may not work perfectly the first time or you don’t have time to check the results yourself, AST may have the solution for you: our Result Review service. AST will intercept and review your caption results. AST’s editors will fine-tune and adjust the results for you and accomplish an accurate caption set for your material. Our review is not automated – it is conducted by a person. Our review accomplishes:

  • Accurate caption timing
  • Typographical error correction
  • Error correction in speaker ID formatting

If you are providing your own transcript, it is still necessary that you provide a complete and accurate transcript – if your transcript has significant errors, additions, or omissions, our reviewer will reject the transcript and request a proper transcript. Our reviewer will make minor corrections to your transcript to adjust for minor formatting problems or typographical errors. If you have feature films, television dramas, or other dramatic narrative content destined for television, DVD, iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, Netflix, or other video on demand (VOD) services, you should use our review service specifically tailored to this type of content: Cinema Certified Result Review.