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    Closed Captioning Software vs. Closed Captioning Services

    By: Aylin Dunham
    closed captioning software

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    Are you considering purchasing a closed captioning software package to caption your videos? If so, there are a few things you need to know before making a commitment. You might be surprised to learn that a software package may not be the most cost effective or efficient way to caption your videos. Here are some reasons why a closed captioning service could be better option for your business.

    Cost Effective

    Over the past decade, the Software as a Service (SaaS) model has become increasingly popular as businesses move to the cloud to cut costs. Outsourcing your closed captioning to an online closed captioning service could save your business money, both in the long and short term. First, there is no upfront cost; you pay for the service as you need it. Given that some closed captioning software and hardware solutions cost upwards of $4,000, it may take years to recover the investment. Your return on investment will depend on the volume of videos you need captioned and the resource value of the staff and time it takes them to create the closed captions in-house using the captioning software.

    No Long-Term Commitment

    Paying for a captioning service only when you need it means that if you end up not needing the service at some point, you didn’t waste thousands of dollars on a captioning software application that you’re stuck with. There are no contracts and no investments that make it a long-term commitment. You can even get a live demo of the service before you sign up.

    Less Need for IT Staff

    When you use a service for closed captioning, you get a technical support and customer service team along with it. There is no need to have an in-house captioning manager or IT staff to help manage and troubleshoot the software.

    Instant Deployment

    Closed captioning software requires an installation and sometimes complicated setup. A service on the other hand, is ready to go the instant you sign up. You can literally have completed captions 24 hours after you login to the platform the first time.

    No Learning Curve

    Online services are built to allow the average person with no technical or captioning expertise to use the platform with minimal training. With a service, you have 24 hour easy access from within the platform to help forums, video tutorials, and technical support. Anything you don’t understand, you can be guided through, right there on the spot.

    Automatic Updates

    Besides the initial purchase, software requires costly updates to new versions. A captioning service can be updated regularly without the user even noticing. Any bugs or issues can be fixed overnight. Have any ideas for closed captioning features you think would be helpful? Need a new closed caption output file format?  Just submit it to customer support and it could be added without the need to reinstall or update. It’s all automatic.

    Closed captioning software can be expensive, complicated and quickly outdated. Make sure to do your research before making any long term commitments that could lose you money.

    Have any questions about how a closed captioning service works? Comment below or contact us. Or, read more about the costs and types of closed captioning services.