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    Customer Service for Closed Captioning in the Digital Age

    By: Art Morgan
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    Automatic Sync Technologies takes pride in providing great customer service, and as many of our customers know we rolled out a new customer service help desk at the beginning of this month. Dubbed the AST Support Center, the online help desk includes a searchable knowledge base that provides detailed information about using AST, as well as more general how-to tutorials and tips about closed captioning, transcription, and subtitles. Our documentation and support team has been busy adding new articles and updating old ones, with the end goal of making a complex topic easier to understand. In addition to the updated documentation and search features, other benefits of the system include the ability to view support ticket submissions and responses online, all in one convenient place. You can even initiate a live chat with our support team if you’re in a rush and you can’t find what you’re looking for in the knowledge base.

    Why not just continue to provide customer service for closed captioning the old-fashioned way, over the phone and via email? Well, those options are still available, and we will definitely continue to support customers in whatever method works best for the situation. Our goal is to provide the most flexibility for customers, and to take advantage of all the tools available to us in the digital age. With the new AST Support Center, you can get answers to your captioning questions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can get answers whether you’re in a train station or on an airplane at 35,000 feet. And the AST Support Center works on your laptop, tablet, or phone.

    Despite all the technology involved with our new support center, as we like to point out there are still humans involved! In fact, humans are the most important part of the equation. We have new support staff who will provide you with personalized attention to every question.

    So far, the feedback has been great. Since we started the new support center at the beginning of March we have been surveying people who submit requests, and feedback has been 100% positive. That said, if you have ideas on how we can continue to improve, don’t hesitate to let us know. If you already have a AST account, you can use the AST Support Center and submit questions and suggestions by logging in to your AST account and then clicking on help. If you don’t yet have an account, but have closed captioning needs that we can help you with, you can sign up for a AST account here.