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Accessible media is critical for the success of students with disabilities, but it can also provide tremendous benefits for all students. AST, a Verbit company, is an approved vendor for XX University with an existing contract to provide captioning and additional solutions at special pricing.


Benefits for all students

AST’s technology is purpose-built for education to deliver accessible
and inclusive experiences in classrooms, for extracurriculars and during commencements. You can easily submit files or schedule live coverage for transcription and captioning with just a few clicks.

We integrate into the video platforms used widely at XX University. Our process allows you to quickly caption, transcribe and translate sessions with the accuracy level needed to support compliance and drive engagement for everyone.

AST Solutions Available to You

With AST, you have access to a one-stop-shop of solutions to promote access.


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Live Captioning Transcription


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Audio Description


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Fast Transcription


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The AST Advantage

Benefit from access to leading technology and a team which
specializes in education.

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Aimee Colvin Production Technician, Sierra College

“The accuracy has been impressive. With AST, every video that is shown or posted into an online course is going to be accessible.”

Anissa Stout Alternate Media Coordinator, Disability Resources, The University of Arizona

“…we like to use AST to ensure names and other important words are spelled correctly.”

Glenn Ricci Multimedia Coordinator, Library of Congress

“It’s important that we make our webcasts as accessible as possible, not just to meet Section 508 requirements, but to fulfill our mission to make our resources available to everyone.”

Holli Yancey Instructional Design & Technology Director, University of Alaska Anchorage Center for Human Development

“Over the years, we watched how AST developed and improved its scheduling dashboard. Having a company that continually invests in improvement helped take that extra workload off of our staff.”


Getting Started

To create an account, reach out to your dedicated representative,
Lindsay Tulloss, at
Please note the solution needed and your department name. You’ll receive insights on the details of the special pricing structure you can take advantage of.

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