For Existing CaptionSync Account Holders

If you have an account with existing credits purchased as part of the bulk prepay program, your account is unaffected by AST’s participation in the DECT program and you may continue to use your existing credits for non-DECT grant projects. You may continue to add to your account to receive volume discounts. If you have an account already, your account remains valid and active, but it will not be automatically associated with the the DECT grant. With your existing account, if you exceed the 20 hour service threshold in any given month, you will be invoiced at the discounted price for the volume for that month. If you would like to participate in the DECT grant and would like to have the work directly billed to the grant, then you must create a new login ID for this at the DECT Sign up Form. For detailed instruction please see the instructions for getting a DECT account.