Below are answers to questions about captioning with Automatic Sync’s CaptionSync Services. If your question is still unanswered please contact us. We’re happy to help.

How do I get started?

For more information and for pricing, fill out our pricing form. If you’re ready to go ahead and set up an account, signup here.

How long does it take to get my account set up?

Not long at all. If you submit your sign up form at the beginning of a business day, it’s possible to have captioning finished by the end of the day. Account setup should never take more than one business day provided that we have the correct information. Read our quick start guide on submitting your first captioning and audio description requests.

What is your turn around time? Do you offer an expedited turn around?

With a clear recording and transcript provided, your captions can be ready in minutes in over 100 different formats. If you need a transcript you can choose from four business day turnaround (this is our economy option for education plans – compare this to other vendors, where four day turnaround is “standard”),  two/three business day (this is our standard service, and is usually completed in two business days; compare this to the “expedited” service of other vendors) , one business day, or 8 hour turnaround times.

Do you offer encoding services?

Yes, our support center discusses our encoding services in detail.

Can I submit at video URL to be captioned?

Yes. We have integrations with several platforms that allow you to submit a URL rather than uploading your video.

What is the file size limitation?

Large files (over 2-5GB) can be difficult to upload, but note that we do not need a full sized high resolution file unless you’ve requested video encoding. You can use a converter to lower your file size or read our instructions on how to upload a file bigger than 5GB.

How can I upload many files at one time?

Using our AST-Link upload application you can upload in bulk.

Do you charge extra for difficult audio or multiple speakers?

We do not charge extra for difficult audio and multiple speakers, nor do we charge to fix captions that we generated from poor quality audio. You can read more about our guidelines on poor quality audio in our support center.

How do I caption YouTube videos that I do not own?

You can display captions on a YouTube video you don’t own by using the CaptionSync Smart Player.