Canadian Dollar Customers – How to Get Started With CaptionSync

Accessible media is crucial for people with disabilities, but it can also provide tremendous benefits for all. AST has a system in place to provide captioninglive captioning, and audio description services in Canadian currency for all Canadian organizations. Making media accessible is an obligation of all media producers, but it can be a challenge. CaptionSync stands out for its quality, simplicity, and top-notch support. Users can quickly and easily submit their media online and have captions returned directly to your video system. If you have a transcript already, we can create the caption files in a matter of minutes. If not, we will create the transcript for you using our trained transcribers (no error-ridden automated speech recognition transcripts!).


Quick Start Guide for Canadian Dollar Customers

The following steps will have you captioning your media in no time:

  • Step 1: If do not yet have a CaptionSync login, complete our account setup form. Please use “Canadian Dollar” in the Reference Code field when completing the form. You will get an email back from our support folks with your account credentials.
  • Step 2: If you are new to CaptionSync, watch our New Users Tutorial to see how it all works.
  • Step 3: Once you have a CaptionSync login ID, proceed to the login page to access your account. Once you submit your media file(s), the results will be emailed back to you as soon as they are complete.

Account Signup

Over 16 Years of Experience

AST was founded in 2003 by two Canadian University of Waterloo graduates. Our longevity is a direct result of our dedication to service and to the success of our clients. Today, CaptionSync has over 6000 users, including many names you will recognize, like the University of Windsor, Queen’s University, Mohawk College, and the University of Toronto.

AST Advantages

AST’s CaptionSync offering was initially funded by the U.S. Department of Education to create a better captioning alternative for schools. We took that mission to heart, and we believe CaptionSync offers the best blend of automation and trained professional captioning available. CaptionSync is also one of the most cost-effective solutions available. Yes, it is possible to further reduce the cost by using speech recognition technology, but the resulting loss in quality makes that approach an unwise choice. Here are some of the reasons why we think CaptionSync is your best choice:

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Not a Canadian Customer?

If you are not an Canadian Customer and are interested in making your own arrangements with AST, please contact us to discuss.