DECT Grant Closed Captioning Process

To have media captioned or transcribed by Automatic Sync Technologies under the Distance Education Captioning and Transcription Grant program, please follow the steps below. If you’d like to know more about the program visit our California Community Colleges DECT Grant Program Page.

  1. Identify the media that needs to be transcribed and/or captioned. Ensure that it meets the criteria of intended usage for distance learning specified by the grant requirements at:
  2. Fill out a request form located at:
  3. Obtain a login account with Automatic Sync at the DECT Sign up Form. If you already have a login account, you should still create a new, separate DECT login ID. You will need to fill in the project number assigned to you by the DECT project office. This number is critical to ensure that the invoice is accepted by the grant office. It is then highly recommended to watch the video on “getting started“.
  4. You will receive via email an acknowledgement of your account activation which will confirm your login information. If you have a lot of media assets to upload, please enable your account for AST-Link, a program that allows you to batch upload media files (on Account Features under the Settings tab). If you will have multiple users associated with this account or have consolidated billing requirements, after you have the first user signed up, please check “associate with existing user” on the sign up form..
  5. Gather your media files that you will need to have captioned. You may submit the audio or video files.
  6. Determine the type of caption file(s) you will need. You may get as many as you need (there are no extra fees for requesting multiple caption file types). These files will be emailed to you, or you can return to your account to download them, or to “redo” the captions for new formats at no additional charge (available for 6 months from the date of submission).
  7. Login to your account (or always at the upper right above) and upload your files. Your transcript and caption files will be sent back to you generally within 3 business days unless you specify rush service in which the files are returned in one business day. If you need only caption files, you will need to upload an acceptable transcript, specify type of captions needed, and you will have your caption files returned to you in just minutes. Results will be emailed to you, and also available for downloading at your account. Simply download the files into the directory where your media assets are stored. You may need to check your spam filter to ensure that the files are not being directed there. At any point in time, you may see the status of your job by looking at Status of Existing Submissions link in the left-hand nav under the Caption/Transcribe tab.

If you have questions about the DECT Grant closed captioning process, please contact our experts directly at 877-AST-SYNC ext. 777 or email