University of California

The University of California’s Electronic Communication Policy (see highlights UC’s commitment to accessibility and compliance with Federal and State regulations. While this initiative puts forth some daunting goals, AST’s CaptionSync server can offer some help. AST was funded through the US Department of Education to make captioning faster, easier and less expensive. CaptionSync is an automated web-based captioning service that can’t be beaten for simplicity and speed. Through a web-based interface, users can quickly and easily submit their media and transcript files. Don’t have a transcript? Simply check a box and we’ll take it for you. Minutes later results are returned via email.


CaptionSync can help bring your campus into compliance with Federal and California accessibility legislation. CaptionSync accurately captions in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the price of traditional captioning.

Video Search

In addition to providing accessibility compliance, you can implement video search of streaming media for essentially no additional cost. What student wouldn’t want video search?

Improved Educational Product

Whether your goal is to make your content more accessible to viewers with disabilities, to enhance the comprehension of difficult material for all viewers or to introduce Search and Navigation functionality to your web-based video archives, the result of adding captioning is quite simply an improved product to your customers. Distance Learning departments, Education Technology departments, Media departments and even University News departments all use AST’s CaptionSync service to improve the quality of their final product and set them apart from other schools.

No Software to Buy or Install

No need to get IT involved. There is no software to install or purchase. Our automated web-based solution is available around the clock – whenever you need it! And it’s available from any web browser: at your desk, across campus or at home.

Cost Effective

Our automated captioning service is very cost-effective, and our educational pricing even more so. With volume based pricing, the unit cost drops as volume increases, so it becomes cost-effective to caption all your material. AST also allows you to prepurchase captioning time, enabling you to take advantage of volume pricing even if your usage will be spread out over an entire budget period.

Watch Our How-to Tutorials

Want to see how to use our system? Want to know what do with the results? Look no further — these captioned How-To Tutorials will show you how and give you a sample of what our results look like.