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    Humans of AST – Story #3

    By: Aylin Dunham

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    Humans of AST is a blog series where you can learn about the people behind CaptionSync and Automatic Sync Technologies (AST). We’re thankful for all the great work done by our transcribers, managers, engineers, and other team members, and wanted to share a bit about them with the world. This series is inspired by the online series called Humans of New York.

    Collage with picture of Margaret Black and a scenic nature image.

    Margaret Black is AST’s Operations Manager, although sometimes she feels that the term “traffic manager” might also be appropriate to describe her position. While she dedicates herself to helping AST in multiple departments, Margaret’s main work at AST involves following captioning and transcription, translation, and audio description submissions from start to finish, ensuring that jobs are completed on time and that they meet client expectations. Margaret has a long history at AST—she began working for AST in 2007 as a quality assurance team member, where she learned about the importance of high quality results and about the essential components that are needed to ensure the “automatic sync” of transcripts. As AST has grown, she has helped others learn about quality assurance and transcriber training, developing useful training documentation and processes that have greatly contributed to AST  and its transcribers. Margaret is from North Carolina, where she lives with her husband and children. Outside of work, she enjoys gardening, cycling, and spending time with family. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Davidson College, and a Masters of Education in Teaching English from Wake Forest University.

    “What inspires me the most about AST is its integrity and innovative business model. Using a fully web-based company is still relatively new to some people, and it can be overwhelming or even intimidating. There is so much information out there that it’s difficult to sort through what is truly helpful. But after working for AST, I know that they use fair and transparent processes to provide many useful services.”