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    Humans of AST – Story #4

    By: Aylin Dunham

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    Humans of AST is a blog series where you can learn about the people behind CaptionSync and Automatic Sync Technologies (AST). We’re thankful for all the great work done by our transcribers, managers, engineers, and other team members, and wanted to share a bit about them with the world. This series is inspired by the online series called Humans of New York.

    Collage picture of Sarah Lewis with a horse and another image of wild horses.

    Sarah Lewis is one of AST’s Quality Assurance Representatives. Our quality assurance team is dedicated to ensuring that clients receive the highest quality results, and Sarah’s work is integral to this process. Her work includes ensuring that customer submissions are returned with no errors, checking incoming submissions for quality of transcription and timing information in captions, and helping to review complex submissions. Before working for AST, Sarah studied creative writing and English during college, an educational background which helped her to develop the writing and comprehension skills needed to be a great quality assurance associate. Sarah first started working for AST in 2015, in the aftermath of a complex spinal injury. When she joined AST, she really appreciated the work environment that AST promoted, and appreciated the flexibility it gave her for working from home due to her spinal injury condition. Sarah lives in North Carolina with her two cats, Freya and Banshee. Outside of work, Sarah dedicates herself to volunteering with a non-profit to provide Therapeutic Horseback Riding Lessons for children. Her professional goals include bringing awareness to the equestrian disability community and expanding her work in the Para Equestrian Journal.

    “What inspires me the most about AST is its attention to the importance of accessibility. As a disabled person, I felt that it was important to work with a company that truly valued accessibility, so I’m so proud to be a part of a company whose purpose is to make all media accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing communities.”