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    Inside the Echo360 Active Learning Platform

    By: Aylin Dunham
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    This Whiteboard Wednesday we are taking a tour of the Echo360 Active Learning Platform (Echo360 ALP). The platform provides an interactive video experience with features such as note taking, questions and bookmarking. With so many ways to interact, the Active Learning Platform adapts to each student’s learning style.

    Note: The following video should be considered an alternative to theAnnotated Transcript, which contains descriptions of visual references in the media. Also, the pages listed in the Resources section are primarily text-based, and will be useful to those who do not have access to the visual images.

    Annotated Transcript

    Hi, this is Courtney with Automatic Sync and in this Whiteboard Wednesday I’m going to show you the Echo360 Active Learning Platform and some of the features included in their video player. Although this platform has many benefits for teachers, it is also important to see the video player from a student’s perspective, and understand how it let’s students interact with video.

    Inside the Echo360 platform, students select the video they want to view and click “Go to Classroom.”

    This is the video player. If a student has already watched part of the video, it will start playing where they left off.

    Students can turn on the closed captioning here [using the CC control button below the player].

    In the notes tab, students can write notes associated with the part of the video they are currently watching. They can also bookmark parts of the video here [using the ribbon-shaped bookmark control button in the Notes pane to the right of the video] and here [using the bookmark control button to the left of the video pane], and download the notes when they are finished.

    In the questions tab, students will see all the questions posted by their classmates and upvote them or post a response. If they have a new question they can write it here [using the Questions tab to the right of the video pane] and reference the exact part of the video they are questioning. They are also able to post their questions anonymously.

    If they don’t have a specific question but they find some part of the video confusing they can flag it here [using the flag control button in the lefthand control bar] so the teacher knows to elaborate on that topic.

    Students can also search both the video’s closed captioning and classmate’s questions here [using the Search control in the upper right of the Questions pane].

    Outside the player, students can see questions from all the course videos, they can see their notes in the Study Guide, and search all video content for the entire course here [there is a Search tab on the upper right of the Course page].  

    These are just some of the features of the Echo360 Active Learning Platform that greatly impact student achievement levels. The interactive nature of the platform allows students to consume the course material in a way that best fits their personal learning style.

    Thanks for watching this Whiteboard Wednesday. You can learn more about Echo360 and the Active Learning Platform in the following links.