Our Key Markets

Automatic Sync Technologies’ products address a fundamental problem common to any communication medium: synchronization. As a result, our technology has found application in a very diverse scope of industries and markets. These include:

  • Lip sync for feature films and cartoons
  • Lip sync plugins for animation tools
  • Virtual agents for customer support and online marketing applications
  • Email marketing (viral marketing campaigns)
  • CRM agents
  • Animated greeting cards
Cell Phone Messaging
  • Lip sync for animated characters used in personal messaging
  • Viral marketing campaigns using character-based agents
Instant Messaging
  • Lip sync for avatars in audio/character-based communication
  • Lip sync for game content production
  • Lip sync for real-time chat using audio-enabled avatars
  • Synchronizing graphic content to the audio presentation
  • Language training
  • Lip sync for virtual instructors
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